8 Must See Movies Starring the Brainy Beauty Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is the smart and sexy actress who is best known for her roles on TRON: Legacy and House, M.D., as well as her humanitarian work and being the whip-smart daughter of two prize-winning journalists. Here’s a look at some of Wilde’s best movie and TV roles over her career.

1. Her

source: Her

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Wilde’s small role in Spike Jonze’s Her may only last a few minutes, but has a jarring impact. Her character is known only as “Blind Date,” which the protagonist Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is set up with by his super-smart operating system named Samantha (voiced to perfection by Scarlett Johansson.) Wilde’s character at first seems like the perfect woman — smart, beautiful, and successful — but as the evening goes on, the date starts to reveal both characters’ intense insecurities in a brutal manner.

2. Rush

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In Rush, Wilde plays Suzy Miller, a former model and wife of Formula One race car driver James Hunt, who was as famous during the 1970s for his wild behavior off the racetrack as his rivalry with fellow driver Niki Lauda on it. This drama provided one of Wilde’s most challenging roles to date, as she was working in a British accent, in a period piece, and playing a real person.

3. Drinking Buddies

source: Drinking Buddies

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Drinking Buddies is an indie comedy starring Wilde as the only female employee at a beer brewery in Chicago who has a complicated relationship with her co-worker and best friend, played by New Girl’s Jake Johnson. Wilde’s character Kate is moody, impulsive, and refuses to grow up. The entire film as improvised, with director Joe Swanberg taking advantage of the cast’s chemistry to allow the actors to create the characters and scenes organically.

4. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

source: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

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This comedy stars Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, and the late Alan Arkin as magicians. Wilde is Carell’s former assistant who has lost respect for the magician who was once her idol and quit working for him, though deep down she still believes that he’s a talented artist. The film sees Wilde working with all of the incredibly talented comedians in the cast (she doesn’t have scenes with just one or two of the actors) and the film gave her a bit opportunity to show off her comedic chops alongside some of the funniest men in Hollywood.

5. Butter

source: Butter

Source: Michael De Luca Productions

In this indie film co-starring Jennifer Garner, Kristen Schaal, and Hugh Jackman, Wilde steals the show as the hot tempered stripper-cum-prostitute Brooke, who sets out to ruin the butter sculpting competition when she gets ripped off by Garner’s character’s husband for money he owes her. Brooke is sexy and foul — easily the funniest character in the movie. Wilde’s make out scene with Twilight star Ashley Greene got a lot of attention when the movie was released.

6. Cowboys & Aliens

source: Cowboys & Aliens

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For her role as Ella Swanson, Wilde took on stunts that even the horse-riding stunt doubles were too afraid to do, including one in which she’s yanked off a galloping horse by a crane. The movie co-stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, involving the bizarre juxtaposition of the wild west and aliens. “I was coated in dust for four months straight,” Wilde said to The New York Times of the (literally) gritty role.

7. TRON: Legacy

source: Tron: Legacy

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Wilde’s first big movie role was alongside Jeff Bridges in the 2012 Disney reimagining of the 1982 cult classic Tron. While the part of Quorra is mostly a babe role with some cool action scenes, it earned Wilde much wider recognition than she’d seen before, plus the adoring love of many a nerdy vintage video game fan or Daft Punk lover (the French electronic music duo did the acclaimed soundtrack.)

8. House, M.D.

source: House M.D.

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Wilde played the mysterious Dr. Remy Hadley, a.k.a. Thirteen on House between 2007 and 2012. Hadley was a bisexual doctor suffering from Huntington’s disease and self-destructive impulses including the recreational use of hard drugs. This standout role on a very popular TV show brought Wilde the most important attention of her early career as the role showed her acting chops and charisma as well as her beauty.

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