9 Video Games Launching Next Week: ‘Battleborn’ and More

Are you looking for a new game to play? Maybe you’re ready to move past other recent releases like the challenging yet compelling Dark Souls 3 or the second episode of Hitman. Next week, a whole new crop of great-looking games is set to launch. To help you sort through them, we’ve gathered all the information you need right here. Read on to find out about all the biggest games launching the week of May 2, 2016.

1. Battleborn

Release date: May 3
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

From the makers of Borderlands comes Battleborn, a unique first-person shooter that incorporates ideas from MOBA games like League of Legends. That means the game features a number of unique characters to choose from, and everyone starts off each match with nothing but your basic loadout. From there you’ll quickly level up, adding new abilities as you play. If regular shooters have left you wanting more lately, check out these 8 Things You Need to Know About Battleborn.

2. Superhot

Release date: May 3
Platform: Xbox One

In this minimalist shooter, time only progresses when you move. As usual, your armed enemies want you dead, and your job is to figure out how to eliminate them, all while avoiding being shot yourself. It would be a typical shooter if not for the movement-based flow of time, but that makes all the difference. The time mechanic turns every level into an action puzzle for you to solve, with the puzzles becoming more intricate as you progress. Watch the trailer to get a sense of how it plays out.

3. Fragments of Him

Release date: May 3
Platform: PC

Artistic games have become much more abundant in recent years. That’s a good thing, because not only do they add richness to gaming experiences, but player input lets these games do things other artistic mediums can’t. Fragments of Him is a narrative-based game that takes place from the perspectives of four people who were close to a man who died suddenly in an accident. It’s a meditation on life, love, and loss. To find out how it handles these themes, look for reviews when Fragments of Him launches.

4. The Park

Release date: May 3
Platforms: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Who doesn’t like having the wits scared out of them? Lots of people, actually. But if you’re a horror buff, you might want to check out The Park, a horror game that takes place in an amusement park that’s not very amusing at all. You play as a single mother looking for her lost son in a park after dark. Supernatural horrors begin to occur, but don’t expect to find combat or puzzles here. It’s a story-driven game that focuses on the main character and the history of the park itself. The Park received mediocre reviews when it launched on PC last year, but it’s still good for a fright.

5. Shadow Complex Remastered

Release date: May 3
Platform: PlayStation 4

If you’ve been itching for a good “Metroidvania” game lately, look no further than Shadow Complex. The game may be set in a modern military base, but it might as well take place in Dracula’s castle or on a distant planet. This side-scroller has you explore a complex network of rooms, caves, and hallways as you continually find new weapons and keys that grant you access to new parts of the base. It’s a tried-and-true gameplay loop that works as well here as it does anywhere.

6. Table Top Racing: World Tour

Release date: May 3
Platform: PlayStation 4

Table Top Racing is a racing game about toy cars that drive along tiny tracks. Because the cars are small, little obstacles loom large. You’ll have to dodge sushi rolls on one track and corner around a jar of peanut butter in another. In a genre that can take itself too seriously at times, this is all good fun. Better yet, the developer has incorporated combat into the game, so you can launch missiles at enemies while you roll into a skid to avoid falling off the end of the table.

7. Tropico 5

Release date: May 3
Platform: PlayStation 4

In this tropical sim game, you play as a dictator who controls a vibrant tropical island. That means you use things like plantations and mines to generate revenue you can then use to expand your city and defend against invading forces. Think of it like SimCity meets Far Cry. If you’ve never played a Tropico game before, don’t worry; by all accounts Tropico 5 is a great entry point for newbies, thanks to its robust tutorial and gradual difficulty progression.

8. Overwatch open beta

Release date: May 5 – 9
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Blizzard isn’t a company that comes to mind when you think about shooters. It’s been focusing mostly on MMOs, dungeon crawlers, and strategy games for the past few decades. But what Blizzard does best is to come into a genre late and blow everyone away. That’s exciting news for shooter fans.

If you’ve pre-ordered Overwatch, you get early access to the beta starting May 3. Everyone else can play from May 5 – 9 (here’s how). For more information about the game, check out these 6 Things You Need to Know About Overwatch. And if you’re interested in other games you can play before they come out, here are some betas you can sign up for now.

9. Kathy Rain

Release date: May 6
Platforms: PC and Mac

Adventure games were popular on PC in the ’90s, but they fizzled out by the turn of the millennium. They’ve made a comeback in recent years, but in a very different form. Kathy Rain shrugs off the recent changes and brings back the spirit of those ’90s adventures. In fact, it brings back the ’90s itself, because that’s when it’s set. It’s a game about a motorcycle-riding girl who returns home for the first time since childhood and becomes wrapped up in a mystery that involves her recently deceased grandfather, and maybe even the rest of the town. Check out the world’s slowest trailer above.

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