’90 Day Fiancé’: All the Signs That Brittany Banks and Yazan’s Relationship Is Headed Toward Disaster

Brittany Banks and Yazan finally reunited on last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Their reunion should have been a moment of complete joy and happiness. Unfortunately, it was only minutes before the relationship hit a potential breaking point. Having such a huge argument so early on in a relationship is a huge red flag and unfortunately for Banks and Yazan, it isn’t the only one.

Brittany and Yazan
Brittany and Yazan | TLC

How did Brittany and Yazan meet?

Brittany lives in Florida while Yazan lives in Jordan. The two weren’t exactly running in the same circles, so their meeting was really by chance. Banks’ sister and Yazan’s sister happened to live in the same building. One day, Yazan was FaceTiming his sister while Banks was visiting hers. As soon as the two locked eyes, they knew they wanted to get to know one another. A few weeks later, Yazan sent Banks money to meet him in Jordan. After a week, Yazan proposed.

What are the red flags in Brittany and Yazan’s relationship?

There are a number of signs that Banks and Yazan just can’t work. First, Yazan and his family are very conservative. Banks, on the other hand, is a rapper who enjoys wearing revealing clothing and posting twerking videos on the internet. She also, reportedly, has an OnlyFans page, which is a site where people can post adult videos.

Yazan has been hopeful that Banks will convert to Islam and become more conservative, but Banks has no plans to submit to a new religion.

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“I’m such an independent person,” she told the cameras. “I have my own thoughts and feelings, and I don’t want to go by any book telling me what to do.”

On top of this, Yazan has no idea that Banks is still married. The last time she was in Jordan, she promised Yazan and his family that she would bring her divorce papers with her when she moved to Jordan. Without the divorce papers, she and Yazan cannot get married. Banks did not bring the paperwork with her to Jordan because she has yet to get divorced, and according to her lawyer, the divorce could take ten months to be finalized.

Why did Yazan get mad when Brittany arrived in Jordan?

Perhaps the most blatant sign that Banks and Yazan are not a good match was their fight at the airport. After Banks arrived in Jordan, she greeted the production team by hugging them and showed them some alcohol in her bag.

Yazan immediately flipped out and began cursing at Banks because he told her that she was not allowed to bring alcohol there. He was also upset that she was hugging the crew.

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“I’ve never seen him act like that and it was scary to me,” Banks said to the camera.”I’m not proud of his behavior at all. I’m actually very disappointed.”

Yazan was outraged.

“This is exactly what my parents warned me about,” he said. “Brittany either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the traditions or the country I live in.”

Banks, on the other hand, didn’t understand Yazan’s reaction.

“Of course I respect his culture and his choices but at the same time I am not Muslim,” she told the cameras. “It reminded me of the way my ex behaves and so if he’s going to behave like my ex then I don’t want anything to do with him.”