’90 Day Fiancé’: Angela Deem Blasts Haters On Instagram – ‘You Know Nothing’

90 Day Fiancé couple Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have been making waves on Season 7 of the show — and for good reason. The two have a pretty wild relationship, and Angela Deem is nothing if outspoken. 

Deem is a 53-year-old grandmother from Georgia, and Ilesanmi is a 32-year-old from Nigeria — and the two fight a lot. Fans may recall Angela Deem slamming a cake in Ilesanmi’s face in public after he tried to give it to her as a make-up present. For the second time. Now, fans are sending Deem hate on Instagram, and she’s not having it. 

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Relationship status update 

While the 90 Day Fiancé couple has certainly had their ups, downs, and cakes, the two are still together. In fact, for a while now they’ve been discussing the possibility of having a child, using one of Angela Deem’s children as a surrogate.  

Now, Michael Ilesanmi is preparing for his K-1 visa interview in the United States. This interview will determine whether or not Ilesanmi is allowed to move to the country to live with Angela, and possibly start their family together. 

Deem has made it clear that if the interview doesn’t go well, it’s all over. “If Michael fails this interview, I told him, ‘we’re probably done.’ What else is there to do? I don’t have the strength. I’m not getting younger. It’s either the K-1 or K-done,” said Deem.

However, after a conversation with some Nigerians who had spent ample time in the United States themselves, Ilesanmi received something of a harsh reality check. In fact, he might be feeling more nervous now than ever. 

Michael gets a reality check

Unfortunately, Ilesanmi didn’t receive the sort of advice he was hoping for from the Nigerians he talked to. The 90 Day Fiancé star faced something of a reality check when it comes to moving to the U.S. and his relationship with Angela Deem. 

One expat asked of Deem’s hometown in Georgia, “Has she told you what the town is like? Is it very diverse?”

Another added, “There’s still, like, segregation in some places. Especially somewhere like Georgia.”

Ilesanmi also came clean to the group about the fact that Deem doesn’t want more children, but he does. One shocked expat said, “And you also want to convince one of her children to carry your child?!”

“It’s crazy what you’re getting yourself into,” said another. 

Angela Deem calls out fans 

Meanwhile, Angela Deem has been receiving hate on Instagram from some 90 Day Fiancé fans, and she’s done with it. 

In a recent post to her Instagram story, Deem wrote, “I see some people talking bad about me and daughter (family). You know nothing and don’t deserve any explanation. I don’t take nonsense, I and Michael only need positive vibes not negativity. If you @ us saying bad things BLOCKED. Let’s love lead [sic]. Love y’all.”

Meanwhile, fans commented with supportive sentiments on a recent photo Deem shared of her and Ilesanmi. One wrote, “Love you ANGELA sending love from Chicago let the haters hate!”

“Angela, you look beautiful! Love looks good on both of you,” wrote another. 

In fact, there were no immediately visible negative comments — perhaps the work of Angela Deem blocking everyone who doesn’t send “positive vibes.”