’90 Day Fiancé’: Anna’s Mom Discovers Mursel’s Big Secret

90 Day Fiancé cast member 38-year-old Anna Campisi, a Nebraskan mom of three, only spent 30 days with her 38-year-old Turkish love, Mursel Mistanoglu, before they decided to get married. While Campisi said she didn’t feel it was too soon, her husband-to-be dropped a bombshell secret during his first meeting with his future mother-in-law that had the whole family worried.

On the Nov. 10 episode of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, “They Don’t Know,” viewers saw Mistanoglu admit something he’d been keeping from his future wife. Could the secret keep the beekeeping couple apart?

Mistanoglu met Campisi’s mother for the first time

When Mistanoglu arrived in the United States, he had only ever spent time with his fiancée, Anna, in his home country of Turkey. The pair met on social media and bonded over their mutual love of bees and beekeeping. After just a month together, they decided to get married.

While Campisi seemed eager for her fiancé to bond with her three sons from a previous relationship (15-year-old Joey, 14-year-old Gino, and six-year-old Leo), things didn’t go as well as the couple had hoped. The language barrier posed a problem, and the boys didn’t warm to their new roommate easily after he insulted American pizza.

Mursel’s first meeting with Campisi’s mother, Charlene, didn’t go much better. Mistanoglu, a devout Muslim, didn’t appreciate that Charlene drank at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Anna awkwardly declined a beer despite admitting she wanted one.

90 Day Fiancé fans think the major cultural differences between Anna and Mursel could pose bigger problems for the pair in the future.

The Turkey native confessed to keeping Campisi’s sons a secret from his family

After the initial awkwardness, Mursel dropped an even bigger bombshell during dinner. He admitted that he hadn’t told any of his family members back home about her three sons.

When asked why, he said with the help of a translation app, “Because I love Anna so much. My family can hinder love.”

He elaborated to 90 Day Fiancé producers, sharing, “I haven’t told my mom and dad about Anna’s children. The reason is in Turkey, people find things like this odd…You marry a woman with children, that is upsetting.”

Charlene was understandably horrified by the revelation. Making matters worse, her teen son Gino was at the table to hear the secret himself.

The ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars admitted their relationship was in jeopardy

When Anna’s mother asked what would happen if Mistanoglu’s family found out about her grandchildren, the answer wasn’t exactly promising. Anna said that he could be banished from his family.

“That’s why he’s coming here,” she explained. “He wanted me to go to Turkey and live with him in Turkey, but I said I wasn’t going to leave the boys.” So he came to America, Campisi explained, because he had “no choice.”

But the 90 Day Fiancé star’s mother wasn’t satisfied. “But he asked you to leave your sons,” she pressed. “What kind of guy does that?” Even Gino chimed in, admitting to producers, “I don’t know how much Mursel is really in love with my mom.”

She also wanted to know if Mursel would ultimately choose Anna over his family if push came to shove. “Maybe, Anna,” he said hesitantly, leaving the future of their relationship in doubt.