’90 Day Fiancé’: Are Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Talking Again?

90 Day Fiancé fans are collectively groaning — Ashley Martson seems to be back on speaking terms with Jay Smith. After an incredibly contentious divorce that saw Jay Smith landing in ICE custody, fans thought that Martson had finally had enough of her ex-husband. 

In fact, Martson was seen out and about with Bachelor in Paradise alum Christian Estrada. Despite that, and her ongoing conflict with Jay Smith’s sister, it seems as if Martson and Smith might be on friendly terms again. Hopefully, nothing more comes of it. Here’s what we know. 

Divorce following infidelity 

Jay Smith’s infidelity when it comes to his marriage with Ashley Martson is well-documented. The Jamaica-born 90 Day Fiancé star married Martson in Vegas — they barely had a chance to enjoy their honeymoon before Martson discovered that Smith was chatting up other women on Tinder. 

Martson prepared the paperwork to divorce Jay Smith when she found out, but decided to give their marriage another shot. Unfortunately, Smith wound up cheating on Martson again. This time, Smith had sex with a woman in the bathroom of a barbershop. Smith was working there at the time. 

The woman he cheated with eventually called Martson to explain the situation to her. She told her, “I had come into the barbershop and getting ready to start the tattoo, and he kinda was like touching me, kind of caressing me and then one thing kind of just lead to another. We went into the bathroom and had sex.” 

The woman revealed that Smith had never told her he was married. Martson mentioned that she doesn’t blame the woman for what Smith chose to do.

Seen out with Christian Estrada

Since then, Martson has been seeing other people. In fact, she was spotted at Disney World on August 17 with Bachelor in Paradise alum Christian Estrada. A source confirmed with People that it was definitely a date. 

On August 2, Martson shared a picture of Estrada to her Instagram story with the caption, “blinded from the start,” alongside some heart-eyed emojis. However, according to Estrada, the two weren’t dating at all.

On an episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Estrada said, “No, I know Natalie, I know Ashley’s PR. I’m good friends with her PR, but I mean the few times Ashley and I are hanging out it’s not just the two of us, it’s a few friends of ours. But I respect the girl, she’s an awesome girl, but it’s like I said you know, at this point I’m just focusing on my projects and my father’s company.” 

From the sound of it, the two may have just had a simple fling. Martson eventually claimed that she and Estrada are “just friends.” 

A shoutout to Jay Smith

In a social media move that surprised many 90 Day Fiancé fans, Martson gave ex-husband Jay Smith a shoutout on his birthday. Ashley posted a festive background with the cheeky text “Happy Birthday, Loser!”

Jay Smith reposted her message with a devil face and a laughing face, writing “Thanks punk.” Martson told InTouch, “Jay and I have been talking since I chose to drop the PFA.” She added, “We are not back together, just cordial.”

She went on to add, “[We are] trying to get our divorce and immigration figured out. We both made a ton of mistakes and chose to forgive.”