’90 Day Fiancé’: Are Jenny and Sumit Filming a New Season Together?

90 Day Fiancé stars Sumit and Jenny Slatten are splitting up — geographically, that is. While it seems at first blush as if the two reality stars have stayed together after Sumit’s shocking marriage revelation, Slatten has had to return to the U.S. due to visa requirements

Since Sumit’s secret marriage has been revealed, fans have been wondering what the future holds for the couple. However, a Twitter user claimed they recently spotted Jenny Slatten alongside the TLC crew buying a ring — could this mean a new season is on the way?

Slatten returned to the U.S. 

When Jenny Slatten found out that Sumit had already been married, it was confrontational. She found out not from Sumit, but from his father-in-law. He arrived at Slatten and Sumit’s apartment, and said to Slatten, “Hello, Jenny. How are you? I’m Sumit’s wife’s father.”

The 90 Day Fiancé star told producers, “What happened was worse than anything I could have ever imagined. It’s like you’re having a nightmare and you wake up and it’s true. That’s what it felt like.”

Sumit’s family squared off against Sumit in the apartment and eventually took him away. Sumit says they held him for five days and refused to allow him to contact Slatten. He eventually returned to Slatten, who despite being angry with him, seemed willing to continue their relationship. 

Despite that, Slatten has to leave India. Her visa is running out, and with Sumit married it seems unlikely that she’ll be able to wed him and upgrade her visa any time soon. As a result, she’s since returned to the U.S. 

Spotted with the TLC crew

Though Jenny Slatten did have to return to the U.S., it seems as if things aren’t over for the U.S.-based grandmother and her 90 Day Fiancé flame. In fact, SoapDirt recently reported that Slatten was spotted ring shopping with the TLC crew, as well as her daughter Christina. 

An Instagram user wrote, “They were at my job today!!! She went with her daughter to buy a ring!!! So they’re definitely filming next season! The camera crew was there and everything!”

Another user asked, “Wow! Was she buying her own or his?”

The original poster replied, “Idk it was only $100 and production paid for it.”

If it’s an engagement ring, it’s not a very expensive one. However, if this person is telling the truth, it’s pretty reasonable to assume that Slatten and Sumit are indeed filming another season together, especially since the camera crew was on the scene. 

Are fans being frauded by Slatten and Sumit?

Meanwhile, some fans suspect that Sumit and Jenny Slatten might be lying to them. SoapDirt also uncovered a Facebook post Slatten made that throws certain parts of their 90 Day Fiancé story into doubt. 

SoapDirt discovered a picture of Slatten alongside Sumit’s mother, taken in 2013. In the photo, Slatten and Sumit’s mother look relatively happy together. Fans were under the impression that Slatten met Sumit’s mother for the first time when they took Sumit away. So what’s the real story here?

SoapDirt also found a Facebook post from someone claiming to be Slatten’s cousin. “I told everyone he was married. She’s my cousin and she knew he was married the whole time,” the user wrote