’90 Day Fiancé’: Are Omar Albakour and Avery Mills Having Visa Issues?

90 Day Fiancé star Avery Mills gave up her life in Ohio to pursue a relationship with Omar Albakour, a Syrian Muslim man. Mills, who fell in love with Albakour at the age of 19, decided to move out to Syria to be with her love. 

Now, things are taking a difficult turn. Many fans seem to believe that Albakour is too controlling, and have a hard time buying that he truly loves Mills. Even Mills has suspicions that this might be a visa grab. Additionally, it looks like the couple is going to be facing a tough time acquiring Albakour’s visa at all.

Is Omar Albakour too controlling?

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90 Day Fiancé star Omar Albakour received some hate from fans recently after he tried to control certain of Avery Mills’ behaviors. Mills, who seems to be energetic and outspoken, was asked to avoid dancing in public, and to be quiet during arguments with Albakour. 

“I don’t like it when you dance in public. It’s not good to see girl dance in street…wherever,” Albakour told Mills on an episode of 90 Day Fiancé. This is also when Alabkour told the cameras that when the couple are arguing, he’d wish Mills would simply be quiet. 

Mills has since taken to Instagram to defend Albakour and their relationship, claiming that he’s not controlling. “I do have to say something I don’t usually respond to. Any comments — I hate when people say Omar is controlling,” started Mills. “I’m sorry, but Omar asked me not to dance in the street because it’s not normal. It’s not being controlling.”

“To be honest, people have their preferences. If he doesn’t want someone that dances in the street, trust me, it’s fine — we do enough dancing at home!” she continued.

Does Omar Albakour really love Avery Mills?

Some fans, however, aren’t so sure that Omar Albakour cares about Avery Mills as much as he should. When it was time for Mills to head back to America, Albakour watched her departure without expressing much emotion at all. 

When asked about this, Albakour explained that he believes men should be stoic and strong for women, who are supposedly more sensitive and prone to emotion. Time to get with the times Albakour, men are allowed to feel things too. 

Mills has defended her man in the past, however, telling fans, “He is the most loving person ever. Yeah, he’s shy, and he’s shy when he’s getting recorded for international TV shows — which, I bet, a lot more people would be shy too — but get you a man that sings Ed Sheeran to you, that plays with your hair any time, that spoils you with love and, you know, anything that you want. Get someone that will protect you at all costs and maybe you’ll know how much Omar loves me.”

However, Mills has also expressed concern that Albakour might be in it for a visa grab. While out to dinner prior to Mills’ departure, Albakour asked about the visa process, all while seeming unconcerned over her leaving. 

“Do you have any emotions right now? You don’t even seem like it,” Mills told Albakour. “I don’t want to be used, you know?”

Mills later told cameras, “When Omar asked me about the process, I feel like he cared a lot about the visa, but he wasn’t very emotional about me leaving. The questions that people ask me, they run through my mind sometimes. It’s hard to ignore them.”

Dealing with visa troubles 

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To make matters worse, it seems as if Omar Albakour and Avery Mills will face visa complications. Mills discovered that the current travel ban policy applies to Albakour, and an attorney informed her that, “less than 5 percent of the travel ban cases are actually approved.”

“It’s really unknown how long it will take and if it would work at all,” the attorney concluded. Albakour will have to request a waiver from the ban, and it remains unclear whether or not the couple will be successful in their venture. 

Mills has made it clear that if Albakour isn’t able to acquire a visa within the next year, she intends to move to Syria to live with him full-time.