’90 Day Fiancé’: Are Paul Staehle and Karine Martins Divorcing?

90 Day Fiancé stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins might be splitting up. In a recent turn of events, Staehle revealed that Martins has retained a divorce lawyer — and that he’s allegedly received a call from the same lawyer. 

This is following a somewhat tumultuous relationship. Staehle and Martins both struggled with their visas in each others’ countries and originally had to communicate using translation tools. Now, the pair has a child — and according to Staehle, their child may be at the center of the divorce. 

Visa troubles

The 90 Day Fiancé couple originally had some major issues acquiring their visas for each other’s country. Paul Staehle couldn’t afford Karine Martins’ visa for the U.S. at first, and Martins’ mother refused to co-sponsor her visa. 

As a result, Staehle decided he would move to Brazil until they were able to sort out their K-1 visa issues in the U.S. In a shocking turn of events, Staehle was originally denied his visa in Brazil as well. 

Oddly, the reason for denial was cited as terrorism charges. Staehle was visibly upset at the time. Staehle ran from the cameras, seemingly overtaken by stress and panic. Later, he told Martins he’d simply go back to the U.S. and send them money until everything worked itself out. Eventually, Staehle was able to remain in Brazil. 

It seems as if the terrorism charges may have been related to Staehle’s criminal record in the U.S. Paul Staehle was charged with second-degree arson in 2007, seemingly the result of a relationship ending. “One of the relationships I was in ended so badly, it ended up getting me in some serious trouble,” said Staehle on the show.

Welcoming a baby

The 90 Day Fiancé stars eventually worked out the kinks in Karine Martins’ K-1 visa process and were able to make the move to the U.S. The two began to try for a child, and went through two tragic miscarriages.

Paul Staehle told Cosmopolitan, “The miscarriages were something neither of us will ever forget. It brought us even closer together as we put aside arguments and disagreements to comfort one another. It is a tragic life moment no one should have to endure.”

Martins and Staehle welcomed a baby boy into the world on March 22, 2019. Baby Pierre was born without complications, something for which the couple felt very thankful. They’d realized Martins was pregnant much sooner after her second miscarriage than doctors recommended. 

When Martins was pregnant, Staehle requested a paternity test. While some 90 Day Fiancé fans assume this was due to concerns over faithfulness, it actually may have had something to do with acquiring a U.S. visa. 

Staehle previously shared a screenshot from the U.S. Department of State that read, “In order to transmit US citizenship to a child born abroad, among other requirements, there must be a biological relationship between the child and a US citizen parent or parents. Genetic testing is a useful tool for verifying a stated biological relationship in the absence of sufficient other evidence to establish such [a] relationship.”

Divorce on the horizon?

Unfortunately, it seems as if baby Pierre may be the focal point of a potential divorce. Paul Staehle recently revealed that his 90 Day Fiancé wife has taken on a divorce lawyer. 

Staehle wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, “Karine asked me to remove our photos. And let everyone know that she doesn’t want me in her life. Karine advogado de divorcio me ligou. Guess I need a lawyer.”

The Portuguese portion of his post translates to, “Karine’s divorce lawyer called me.”

Staehle had previously started a poll on Instagram that, while a hypothetical question, seemed to be a thinly-veiled post about his own relationship. He asked, “Doing a poll strictly out of curiosity. For someone I know very well…… Should a wife divorce her husband over his mother buying gifts daily spoiling their son? Should a grandmother be banned from seeing her grandchildren over spoiling them. And a husband be divorced for defending his mother’s actions?”