’90 Day Fiance’: Are Sasha and Emily Larina Still Together?

90 Day Fiancé couple Sasha and Emily Larina are new as of Season 7, and they’re already raising eyebrows. At first blush, they seem like a normal couple. They met each other in Russia, where Emily Larina moved after college. Larina eventually became pregnant, and the two decided to start a family.

However, there’s another side to the story. Sasha Larina actually has quite a history when it comes to matrimony. In fact, he’s been married twice before, with a child from each relationship. Will the couple make it? 

Meeting up at the gym 

90 Day Fiancé star Emily Larina, 29, decided to move to Russia after she finished her college degree. While she was teaching English there, she decided to start attending a local gym in Volgograd. That’s where she met Sasha Larina, a trainer at the gym. 

Sasha helped train Emily, and Emily, in turn, tutored Sasha in English. It wasn’t long before a romance bloomed between the two. And before Emily Larina knew it, she was pregnant. 

“As a young American girl in Russia, I was so lonely. I joined [a] gym because I wanted to be social, and that is where I met my hot personal trainer, Sasha,” Larina told TLC.

However, Emily Larina soon learned that there was more to Sasha and his dating habits than she knew. 

The third wife 

Eventually, the 90 Day Fiancé star discovered that Sasha Larina had quite a history when it came to other women. Emily discovered that Sasha had been married twice before, and had two children from those previous marriages. 

Emily Larina told Fox News, “Our second walk together – when he told me, of course, my initial reaction was that he was a jerk, womanizer or something along those lines. He explained where his past relationships went wrong, and I understood. Our personalities really meshed well and he seemed genuine in his explanation, so I gave him a shot.”

“Sasha just made mistakes in the past and he happened to marry those mistakes, but we’re different. Our relationship is perfect,” Emily explained to TLC. 

“There’s a pattern: He gets someone pregnant and it all falls apart. I am going to be Sasha’s third wife. This is his third child with another woman, but we’re going to last,” she explained. 

“He met his second wife, she got pregnant, and he came to me, and I said, ‘I want a divorce.’ But still, he left her for his third, Emily,” said Sasha’s first wife. Many fans will see these as obvious red flags for Emila Larina, who seems convinced that this time, things will be different. 

Are they still together? 

It remains unclear whether or not Sasha and Emily Larina were married in Russia, but Emily did change her last name to Larina on Instagram. 

“I haven’t changed the name on my passport yet. But I wanted to take this username before anyone else. Also, I love my fam,” she captioned an image on her account. 

That being said, Emily, Sasha, and their child traveled to the U.S. in May, with Sasha traveling on his K-1 visa. This tells us that Sasha would have until August before the visitation allowance on his visa expired.

However, according to Facebook, Emily Larina is working in Portland, Oregon. And according to Sasha Larina’s Facebook and Twitter profile, he’s living in Portland as well. Based on what we know about his K-1 visa expiration, it seems as if the couple has remained together, and has married in the interim.