’90 Day Fiance’: Ash Naeck Admits That He and Avery Warner Are No Longer Together in Instagram Comment

Most of the time, fans have to wait until the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days reunion to find out if the couples of that season stayed together. This is largely due to the NDAs that TLC has the cast sign to ensure that the show maintains suspense throughout the season. It’s unclear how ironclad the non-disclosure agreements are as members of the cast will often find little ways to let viewers in on what’s going on with their relationships post-90 Day Fiance. Now, Ash Naeck has revealed to fans that he is no longer with his American girlfriend, Avery Warner.

Ash and Avery
Ash Naeck and Avery Warner | Instagram @averydopecool

Ash and Avery’s issues

Warner never felt like she could fully trust Naeck. In his job as a relationship coach, he had to be in contact with more women than Warner was comfortable with. The biggest issue that Warner had was that Naeck failed to make it known to all of his clients that he was in a relationship.

Eager to have Warner understand his work, Naeck invited her to one of his seminars. Instead of bringing them closer together, the seminar showed Warner a more misogynistic side of Naeck and she wasn’t a big fan.

Ash takes a break from social media

As the season began airing, Naeck began receiving negative feedback from viewers. People even accused him of stealing the information in his seminar from well-known guru, Mike Gungor. Naeck could not take all of the criticism so he took a break from social media.

“Everyone, thank you for the support and the great messages received,” he wrote in a post. “The events of the past eight weeks hit me today, I was not in any way prepared for the intensity of what the show both good and bad brought to me. I am of the mindset to not give up, but that took a turn today and I am taking a few weeks off from social media for my mental health. Love you all.”

Warner empathized with what Naeck was going through.

“I do feel bad for him, a lot of people are haters, and sometimes it can be a lot to take in,” she told In Touch. “I think he just needed time while the show airs to keep his head in a positive space.”

Ash returns to social media and confirms his relationship status.

During Naeck’s social media break, Warner fended off fans who were making assumptions about her relationship status.

“With last night’s mishap and you answering these questions I know for a fact you [are] still together,” one person wrote to Warner during an Instagram Q&A.

“You may be surprised, I could just be someone who can come from a place of love in my responses regardless of if the person is an ex or not,” Warner responded.

But when Naeck returned to social media he cleared things up.

When a fan asked in the comment’s section of an Instagram post if Warner and Naeck were still together, the relationship coach flat-out said “no.”

There are still a few episodes left this season, but from Naeck’s comment, it doesn’t seem like things get any better between Naeck and Warner.