’90 Day Fiancé’: Ashley Martson Checks Into Rehab

Ashley Martson of 90 Day Fiancé fame has been facing a series of challenging events since she married Jay Smith. From catching her husband cheating on her, to complications with lupus, to an emotionally draining divorce that she’s still caught up in, Martson has had to weather a lot of strain.

That strain might have caught up with Martson, who is checking herself into rehab for her ongoing battle with depression.

Jay caught cheating

Only one day after Jay Smith and Ashley Martson’s Las Vegas wedding, Jay was caught talking to another woman on Tinder. “I don’t think I ever got over it,” Ashley said.

Ashley tried to move on from Jay’s actions, but it seems as if she just couldn’t do it. Eight months after their marriage, Ashley filed for divorce. However, only 11 days after filing, she withdrew the paperwork, seemingly giving Jay a second chance at their marriage.

However, it wasn’t long before Jay was accused of lying and cheating again. This time, things seem to be over for the couple. Ashley wrote on Instagram, “It’s all fun as games until your ass gets deported. Have fun at the strip club with MY money and MY car you’re driving around without a license!”

An inside source revealed to In Touch, “Ashley is indeed filing for divorce after catching Jay cheating yet again. She has reached her breaking point and this is the final straw. She feels like she was an opportunity for him and she is hurt and disgusted.”

A stint in the hospital

Only two days after Ashley Martson’s first attempt to divorce Jay Smith, she was hospitalized with complications from lupus.

On Instagram, Ashley explained what happened. She captioned a photo of herself in a hospital bed with, “I’m sorry if this photo offends anyone but I will not hide that I’m sick. If I can help one person with lupus then posting this is worth it. I was found unresponsive this morning at my home. The Ambulance took me to the hospital where it was found that I am in acute kidney failure due to lupus. I will begin dialysis shortly. I will not let this beat me. I know I’m strong enough to battle through this,not just for myself but for my kids. I will be transferred to another hospital this evening that is better equipped. Please pray for myself and my family as I know it’s going to be a very tough road ahead for all of us. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers.”

A battle with depression

Since then, Ashley Martson has been battling with depression. It seems it’s gotten to the point where she’s decided to seek professional help in the form of rehab.

Ashley told RadarOnline, “At this time, I’m focusing on my happiness and my future to better myself. I appreciate the support from TLC and the audience of 90 Day Fiancé.”

A source also told RadarOnline that Ashley will be entering “a mental wellness retreat for women in North Carolina,” and that her treatment as an inpatient will begin on Monday, June 17. The source went on to say, “She plans to go for two weeks. Her mother will watch her children.”

According to the same source, Jay Smith isn’t leaving Ashley alone. “Jay won’t leave her alone. He got a new apartment, but he keeps contacting her. He’s been messing with her head.”