’90 Day Fiancé’: Ashley Martson Flees Country to Avoid Watching Difficult Episode

90 Day Fiancé has been a challenging journey for star Ashley Martson. She’s had to face her own husband’s infidelity, hospitalization from lupus complications, and an emotionally draining divorce that she’s still dealing with. As a result, Martson checked herself into rehab for depression. In an effort to protect her own mental health, Martson has decided enough revisitation of the past is enough — she’s leaving the country to make sure she doesn’t have to see the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

Jay Smith’s history of infidelity

Ashley Martson’s biggest reasons for splitting with Jay Smith have been due to his issues with cheating. In fact, only one day after their Las Vegas wedding, Martson caught Smith chatting with other women over Tinder. “I don’t think I ever got over it,” said Martson.

Eight months after their marriage, Ashley Martson decided to file for divorce. Something changed her mind, however, and only 11 days after filing Martson decided to withdraw the paperwork and her marriage to Jay Smith another chance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Ashley Martson caught Jay cheating once again, and this time filed for divorce without taking it back. Jay Smith ran out of chances with Martson, it seems.  Ashley wrote on Instagram, “It’s all fun as games until your ass gets deported. Have fun at the strip club with MY money and MY car you’re driving around without a license!”

InTouch chatted with an inside source, who revealed, “Ashley is indeed filing for divorce after catching Jay cheating yet again. She has reached her breaking point and this is the final straw. She feels like she was an opportunity for him and she is hurt and disgusted.”

A battle with depression

Ashley Martson has since been battling with depression. It became challenging enough that she decided to seek professional help at a rehabilitation center. Ashley told RadarOnline, “At this time, I’m focusing on my happiness and my future to better myself. I appreciate the support from TLC and the audience of 90 Day Fiancé.”

Ashley entered rehab for two weeks, choosing to attend “a mental wellness retreat for women in North Carolina,” according to an inside source who spoke to RadarOnline.

The same source went on to say that Jay Smith has been refusing to leave Ashley alone. “Jay won’t leave her alone. He got a new apartment, but he keeps contacting her. He’s been messing with her head,” said the source.

Skipping the episode

Considering the emotional difficulty Ashley Martson has had to deal with as a result of her failed 90 Day Fiancé relationship, it might come as no surprise that she’d choose to avoid witnessing any of the more emotionally challenging episodes.

However, it seems Martson is so desperate to escape the episode in question that she’ll be leaving the country. “No, not going to watch it, don’t want to watch it, not gonna rewind and watch it,” Martson told Instagrammer John Yates during an Instagram Live session.

Martson went on to say, “I have no ambition to watch any of it because I’m not even — listen, I have made comments about TLC and some things being, you know, a little dramatized. But what’s about to happen is as raw and as real as it possibly comes and it’s something I never want to relive again.”

Martson has decided to go on a week-long cruise with her mother and her children. “But yeah, I hope everyone enjoys the show, but please know that was one of the worst times in my life so I don’t want to watch it, I don’t want to see what people have to say about it. So I’m shutting all my sh-t down,” said Martson.