’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Martson Gets Desperate and Offers Jay Smith Cash to Sign Divorce Papers

Most people don’t think about the prospect of divorce when they are getting married. But for the couples on 90 Day Fiance, divorce is a very real and probable threat. The odds are stacked against most people who go on the show. Many times there is an age difference between them and even if that’s not the case, there are the cultural differences that they still have to overcome.

Ashley Martson
Ashley Martson | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

For these couples, divorcing may be more complicated than it is for those who come from the same country because of the stipulations of the K-1 visa.

Ashley Martson has become desperate to get a divorce from her ex, Jay Smith, so desperate, in fact, that she has offered him cash.

What happened between Jay and Ashley?

Smith and Martson met when she was visiting Jamaica. The two had an instant connection and soon got engaged. Before Smith moved to America, Martson’s friends warned her that he had been unfaithful. Instead of listening to her loved ones, Martson eloped and married Smith without any of her friends or family there.

Shortly after the couple returned home, Martson found out that Smith had been messaging girls on Tinder and inviting them to come to Martson’s home while she was at work.

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At the 90 Day Fiance season six reunion, Martson and Smith were still together, but Martson was still very clearly upset.

The two broke up and got back together a few times after the show wrapped, but the relationship officially ended after Smith allegedly got another woman pregnant.

“I’m a big believer in following your heart and it is true that I took Jay back once again,” Martson told In Touch. “I know people will judge me and, while I can accept that, it was ultimately my decision. However, what my friend is saying turned out to be true and Jay confirmed it himself on the phone that he did indeed have another girl who is claiming he got her pregnant. He said he doesn’t believe her but they are going to get a test done and, regardless, it’s clear he cheated on me.”

“I am distraught yet again and am picking up the pieces and doing my best to move on. I know that I only have myself to blame for the situation I’m in again. It’s no one’s fault but my own. I can safely say I am, once and for all, done with Jay.”

Ashley begs for a divorce

Since splitting from Martson, Smith seems to be doing quite well. He commonly posts pictures of himself with wads of cash to his Instagram. Blogger John Yates screenshotted one of these posts and put it on his own page.

Martson saw the picture and commented, offering Smith money to finally move forward with their divorce.

“I’d give him two of those to sign the d–n divorce papers,” she wrote. “It’s time to just sign and move on!”

Smith did not respond to the comment and has since been posting pictures of himself having a great time in Las Vegas, so it doesn’t seem like he is too worried about granting Martson a divorce.