’90 Day Fiancé’: Avery Mills Has a Surprisingly Shady Message for Yazan’s Family After Their Explosive Fight with Brittany Banks

Brittany Banks has had a tough time on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. As soon as she landed in Jordan, she got into a huge fight with her boyfriend Yazan, and then she got in yet another fight with him the next day. The disagreements only intensified when she went to spend time with Yazan’s family. The visit ended with Banks leaving the house in tears.

Former 90 Day Fiancé cast member Avery Mills also married into a Muslim family so she knows firsthand what the expectations are. But she still has a message for the way that Yazan’s family treated Banks.

Avery Mills | Instagram

Yazan wants Brittany to convert to Islam

Yazan has made it very clear that he wants Banks to convert to Islam. Every time Yazan brought up the topic, Banks dodged the subject. When she first arrived in Jordan, she broke two of the rules of Yazan’s culture: no hugging strange men and no alcohol.

The two argued when Banks tried to get Yazan to see that hugging men was not wrong in her culture.

“No, babe,” Yazan said to her. “That’s — it’s so wrong. … You want me to say to you, ‘It’s OK, go to hug the man?’ I can’t do it.”

“You’re not going to talk to me like that,” she responded. “Like I’m a kid, like you control everything that I do, like I’m an object. I’m a person, I’m a human being.”

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Brittany vs. Yazan’s family

The situation only got worse when they got to Yazan’s family’s house and he told Banks that he would teach her Islam at a slow pace, “like a baby.” When Banks said she wasn’t a baby, Yazan’s mom got angry.

“Explain to her that the women here, the Arabic ones, respect the husband. When he tells her she’s a baby, you say, ‘Yes, I am a baby.’ Not, ‘No.’ She doesn’t say no to him,” she said.

Yazan’s father chimed in, telling Banks it was time for her to change.

“Cancel all of this, cancel all the life you’ve been living, and you would marry Yazan and we’ll take good care of you,” he said.

As time went on, Yazan’s mother became more irate.

“We respected you, and where is our respect?” she yelled.“Yazan, tell her that the woman, this is how it is here. When a woman wants to get married, this is going to be her family. She has to forget her other family.”

What does Avery have to say?

Mills converted to Islam before meeting her husband Omar’s family. But her experience with her in-laws was much different than Banks’.

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“His family had the chance to show the beautiful side of Islam and have her spark an interest on her own,” Mills tweeted. “But instead they were rude and she will probably look at Islam in this way. Alhamdulillah my in-laws treat me with respect and love [because] I couldn’t deal with this at ALL.”

She continued to say that the way that Yazan’s parents acted was not a good example of Islam.

“Some Arab parents care more about their reputation than their kids’ happiness,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. “This is an example [of] how people are Muslim for the culture and not for the religion. Muslims are supposed to help and guide people not put them down.”