’90 Day Fiancé’: Babygirl Lisa Hamme Responds to Age Comparisons With Angela Deem, Jenny Slatten, and Debbie Johnson

Does Babygirl Lisa Hamme remind you of anyone? Some 90 Day Fiancé viewers have recently been online comparing her to fellow reality stars Angela Deem, Jenny Slatten, and Debbie Johnson. Upon seeing the comparisons, Lisa took to Instagram and shared her thoughts on them.

How Lisa Hamme reacted the comparisons with Angela Deem, Jenny Slatten, and Debbie Johnson

Blasting News reported on Sept. 21 that fans had been on Instagram making comparisons between the 90 Day Fiancé stars due to their “advanced ages.” (Lisa and Angela are in their early 50s and Jenny and Debbie are in their 60s.)

One fan even went as far as sharing a picture showing the women cropped onto a photo of The Golden Girls from the famous NBC sitcom. Laughing it off, Lisa posted a string of amused emojis in the comment section. When asked whether she agreed with the observation, she posted a raised-hand emoji, suggesting she did.

One co-star previously shut down comparisons to Lisa Hamme

When Entertainment Tonight asked Angela what she thought of fans comparing them due to their ages, relationships with younger men, and stubborn personalities, Angela strongly denied sharing any similarities with Lisa. She told the outlet that there’s “no comparison.”

“All I can say about that is there’s only one Angela,” she continued.

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She did, however, understand some of the problems Lisa was having in her relationship with Usman Umar, particularly in regards to concerns that he was using her to come to America.

“I feel really bad for Lisa, all due respect to everybody, I wouldn’t put up with Usman one damn minute,” she continued. “One damn minute. And I don’t like to cut nobody down, I think Usman knows exactly what he’s doing. … Because he hasn’t fooled [her fiancé] Michael at all.”

Lisa’s relationship with Usman deteriorated earlier in 2020 when she was accused of calling him the N-word during an argument. The revelation sparked a back-and-forth between them that ended with Usman reportedly filing for divorce in July.

Lisa revealed the alleged filing in an interview that month with Domenick Nati, telling him: “Honestly, I can only tell you what I’ve heard from the grapevine. Usman has had me blocked for a very long time, Dom. But he’s told everybody that he’s filed for divorce so I will wait for my paperwork.”

What life is like for Lisa Hamme now

Since ending things with Usman, Lisa has been focusing on her future. There are even reports that she has moved on with someone new. When asked about her romantic life in an August Instagram Q&A, she responded saying she is “talking to someone” (via Monsters and Critics).

“Love, peace, and happiness,” she continued.

She did not reveal any details about that person, so fans will have to wait and see. But in the meantime, we wish her the best. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for future updates.