’90 Day Fiancé’: Caesar Mack Is Part of 2 Weird Love Connections on ‘The Other Way’ Tell-All

Love is sometimes difficult and painful, but those on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance seem to encounter more than their share of heartbreak. While some cast members have a happy ending, others, like Caesar Mack, seem to have terrible luck with online dating. In fact, Mack has been involved with several, weird online connections with bad results. So, has he finally learned his lesson?

’90 Day Fiance’ love matches don’t always work out

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Mack met Maria, who is from the Ukraine, on an online dating site. They began a keyboard romance, but it seems like that mostly entailed Mack sending her tons of money. Over the course of five years, Mack, who works as a nail technician, sent over $90,000 every year to Maria. He sent almost everything he had, draining his bank account, before he’d ever met her in person. To make matters worse, when Mack couldn’t afford a plane ticket to meet up, Maria broke things off. 

Another couple on the show had a similar situation. David Murphey fell in love with Lana online. Like Maria, Lana is from the Ukraine, and she also managed to talk Murphey into sending her plenty of money. Plus, the dating website they met through required payment. According to Reality TV World, over the course of their eight-year relationship, Murphey spent over $100,000. Unsurprisingly, their relationship didn’t last long in the real world, and they are no longer together. 

Caesar Mack’s weird love connections

When things didn’t work out between Mack and Maria, he decided to pursue a connection with another 90 Day Fiance cast member. Yolanda Leak appeared on the show with her online boyfriend, Williams. Unfortunately, like many of the couples, Leak and Williams didn’t work out. But it appears she may have another admirer. 

In leaked footage from the “Tell All” episode, Mack admitted to sliding into Yolanda’s DMs to give her his phone number. He claims that he was just trying to be friendly, and that he’s tried contracting others from the show for the same reason, but others aren’t so sure about his intentions. 

The host of the “Tell All” asked Yolanda if she was interested in dating Mack, and she was quick to answer, “No.”

In another weird connection, Murphey claims to have once talked to Mack’s ex, Maria online. Since Lana and Maria were both from the Ukraine, they used the same online dating site. According to Monsters & Critics, Murphey once interacted with Maria on the site, at around the same time she was getting to know Mack. 

Murphey claims to have chatted with Maria for about 30 minutes. But he thought she was too high maintenance for his tastes, so he didn’t pursue her after that. Maria then moved on with Mack, and Murphey grew closer with Lana. 

Did Caesar Mack and David Murphey learn their lesson about online dating?

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Both Mack and Murphey had high hopes for romance when they went online, but things didn’t work out quite the way they’d hoped. In fact, it seems that both men were used for their finances instead of their hearts. 

So have Mack and Murphey learned their lesson about searching for love online? You’d hope these men would be more careful from now on, especially when it comes to their pockets, but that may not be the case. Especially for Mack, who continued flirting online with Yolanda. 

Some people get lucky with online dating. There have been plenty of happy couples who met this way, but it’s also easy to get cat-fished. If Mack and Murphey want to continue this style of dating, they’ll need to learn how to better gauge if a woman is really interested in them, or their money. They may want to implement a rule of no money being exchanged. After all, if a woman is really interested in them, they won’t require payment. 

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