’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt Johnson Admits During the Tell All That He Doesn’t Think He Loved Jess Caroline

The Tell All for season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After was everything fans were hoping it would be and then some. Major truth was dropped, especially when it comes to Colt Johnson and the women from his past. Colt and Jess Caroline broke up during the current season, and a source of major tension for their relationship comes from Colt’s friend, Vanessa Guerra. During the virtual Tell All, Colt and Jess must face each other, and of course Vanessa makes an appearance as well.

Jess Caroline didn’t want Colt Johnson talking to Vanessa Guerra when they were dating

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline on '90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After'
Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline on ’90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After’ | TLC/YouTube

While together, Jess didn’t want her boyfriend even talking to Vanessa. At one point in Brazil, Colt’s mother, Debbie, reveals that Vanessa is watching their cats for them, which causes a huge blowup fight between the couple. Jess ends up throwing her heels at Colt when she learns from Vanessa herself that she is still talking to Colt. He had told Jess he wouldn’t talk to Vanessa anymore, but he still continued to do so. When Jess learns the truth, she tells him he lied, and things get heated.

When the couple arrives back in the United States, the relationship fizzles out completely when Jess confronts Colt about talking to eight other women. She says he even sent out pictures of his private area, and he admits to the cameras that he did. He also reveals that Vanessa is living in his spare bedroom. It’s all too much for Jess, who promptly breaks up with him for good.

Colt gets real about his feelings for Vanessa

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In the second part of the Tell All, Colt and Jess have to relive the past, and Vanessa even jumps on the call and gets involved in the conversation. She says she and Colt were both in “bad marriages.” She also details that they’re “really good friends.”

According to Colt, Vanessa actually reached out to him when his wife at the time, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, was arrested for the second time. He says that once the marriage “further deteriorated,” he started to talk with Vanessa. After his divorce from Larissa, he admits he wanted to date Vanessa, but she “wasn’t interested.” Vanessa started to date someone else, and she says it got Colt “upset.”

Jess says she thinks they were “friends with benefits.” The host, Shaun Robinson, asks Colt how he feels about Vanessa, and he admits that he loves her. This prompts Jess to ask him why he started dating her if that’s the case.

“Because Vanessa said no, and if she said yes, I would have dated her in a second,” Colt responds. “I’m sorry that you were in a s***** relationship with me. Like, it was a summer fling at best.”

Colt admits that he doesn’t think he loved Jess

Shaun then asks Colt if he slept with Vanessa while he was still in a relationship with Jess. After a pause and Jess telling him not to lie, Colt admits to the truth.

“OK, after I came back from Brazil, I cheated on Jess with Vanessa. I’m sorry Jess.”

Obviously, Jess isn’t happy about this information, and she thinks he’s been cheating with Vanessa since he met her.

The host then asks Colt why it took him so long to admit that. Colt goes on to reveal that he doesn’t think he loved Jess to begin with. “I don’t know,” Colt says. “I have this tendency to lie to women… Why I lied to Jess, because I didn’t want to lose her, even though I should not have been with her at all. But she gave me this identity. I was her boyfriend, and I wanted to be her husband even though I don’t think I even loved her.”

Jess questions that, considering Colt asked Jess’ father for permission to marry her, not to mention telling her that he wanted a family with her.

Colt goes on to say that he never wanted to cheat on Jess or end up hurting her. “I just want to know who I am,” Colt says. “I’m 35 years old, and I feel like I don’t know anything about me.”

Jess tells him to stop playing with people, and that it isn’t right.

It’s truly sad to learn some of the revelations that have come out during the Tell All. At least Jess now knows the full truth of the matter.