’90 Day Fiancé’ Sneak Peek: Colt Johnson Asks Jess Caroline to Come to Las Vegas

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Colt Johnson is desperately trying to make his relationship work with Jess Caroline. He’s just returned back to Las Vegas, Nevada after spending time in Brazil meeting Jess’ family. However, the trip is eventful for all the wrong reasons. Debbie drops a huge bomb on Jess by revealing that Colt’s friend, Vanessa Guerra, is watching their cats for them while they’re away. This is a major problem, considering Jess says Colt lied to her when he said he would stop talking to Vanessa.

There’s a lot of tension in this relationship that’s hanging on by a thread. However, before Colt even leaves Brazil, he’s talking about seeing Jess again. This week, he asks Jess to come visit him at his home in Las Vegas.

Colt Johnson says goodbye to Jess and mentions she can visit him

Colt Johnson
Colt Johnson | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

After a screaming argument over Colt lying about his friendship with Vanessa, Jess chooses to see Colt and his mother off at the airport. Colt mentions that they can see each other again, and it sounds like it will be sooner rather than later.

“Maybe you can come to Las Vegas, and meet my cats,” Colt remarks. Jess seems to like that idea, and the two are going to give things another go. Can they make this relationship work? The only way to know for sure is for them to see more of each other.

Colt asks Jess to visit him in Las Vegas

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In the new episode, Colt is back home in Vegas and ready to see Jess again. He talks with her through video chat and tells her that he misses her. “So, I was thinking maybe you might want to come out to Las Vegas?” Colt asks his girlfriend.

Jess’ response is sweet. “Yeah, I need to see your cats,” she replies.

The prospect of Jess visiting Colt and seeing where he lives sounds exciting for them both. It will also be good for Jess and Debbie to gives things another shot at being cordial with each other after the events in Brazil.

Although the reunion sounds great, it will probably be full of drama too. Colt says he’s keeping things from Jess, and it’s something he doesn’t want to reveal over the phone. Maybe he will say it in person when Jess comes to visit. “I want to make this work with Jess. But I’ve been keeping some things from her,” Colt tells the cameras. “If I told Jess over the phone, I have no doubt she would break up with me.”

Vanessa is living with Colt and his mother

One thing that Colt is definitely going to have to tell Jess about is that Vanessa is currently living with him and his mother. In the new episode, Colt talks with his mother about his relationship with Jess, and his mother asks if he plans to tell Jess about Vanessa before she actually arrives for a visit. He says he doesn’t know, but it’s pretty clear we all see where this is headed.

“I feel horrible, because I actually have been keeping another thing from Jess,” Colt tells producers. “A few days after I returned from Brazil, Vanessa was having a hard time during her divorce and needed a place to stay. My mother invited her to stay with us.”

This is certainly something Jess won’t be happy about. Not to mention, Colt invited her to come see him and meet his cats. If Vanessa is there, how does he think that will play out? Jess already doesn’t want Colt even talking to Vanessa, let alone living with her.

There’s no way this isn’t going to be a problem, especially if Colt waits to drop this bomb on Jess when she arrives in Vegas. It sounds like there is going to be some major drama in the future. Will Colt and Jess be able to stay together through all of this once Jess learns the truth? Things are unclear at this point.