’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt Johnson’s Meowing Cameo Has Completely Changed How Fans Feel About Him

Fans love to hate Colt Johnson and his ex Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Fans enjoy hating on the subjects of 90 Day Fiancebut usually, one half of the couple will have some redeemable qualities. That didn’t seem to be the case with Johnson and Lima. Their problems began shortly after Lima moved from Brazil to Las Vegas to be with the American software developer. The two had no chemistry and fought all the time. Despite their issues and the fact that Johnson’s family warned him against marrying Lima, the two tied the knot in 2018. It wasn’t long before they would split, after Lima was arrested for domestic battery. Johnson and Lima finalized their short marriage in May 2019, after around 11 months together. 

Colt Johnson smiling
Colt Johnson | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Fans think Colt Johnson is cheap

Even though Lima was eventually arrested for her outrageous and abusive behavior, fans didn’t find Johnson to be much better. He may not have been physically or emotionally abusive to Lima during their time together, but they did have quite a few arguments about money. Lima’s requests weren’t always reasonable, but fans have noticed Johnson seems to be a cheapskate, and they love attacking him for it. 

When Johnson brought his new girlfriend to a hotel in Chicago, fans on Reddit were quick to point out that it was one of the cheapest hotels in the city. Plus, he seems to be promoting and selling himself on various platforms. He posted some “inspirational” videos in the new year that fans found downright creepy. He tried to sell Lima’s wedding dress, and now he’s doing work for cameo.com. With Cameo, fans can pay a certain amount, set by Johnson, to get a personalized message. Although fans were suspicious at first, a new Cameo video from Johnson has changed some fans minds about him. 

Colt Johnson’s latest Cameo video has people changing their tune 

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The 90 Day Fiance subreddit followed as one fan requested a special Cameo from Johnson. The request asked Johnson to sing “Happy Birthday” to the Reddit-ors 12-year-old daughter. But instead of words, the fan wanted Johnson to meow the entire song. The user paid $54.99 for the video, and it was worth every penny. 

Johnson went all out meowing “Happy Birthday” for the fan, and Redditors were impressed. Instead of the usual mocking comments, Johnson’s performance received praise like “Dang if he wasn’t a good sport, I can appreciate that he’s in on the joke and laughing at himself, just a bit.” Another user wrote that “This is the only time I’ve ever found Colteee to be likable, almost like a normal human.”

Colt Johnson’s Cameo price is fairly reasonable 

Johnson, or Colteee as his ex Lima would call him, may or may not be a normal human. But he certainly earned his $54.99. And it’s not a bad price for a Cameo video. His ex-wife Lima is also on the site, and she charges $100. Other reality stars from the 90 Day Fiance franchise charge less than Johnson. Armando Rubio charges $38, and Rosemarie Vega charges $35, but they are newer to the 90 Day franchise. Kalani Faagata is a veteran of the show, like Johnson, but only charges $40 for a Cameo. But Faagata hasn’t been on the platform for very long and only has one review. 

Lima, on the other hand, has over 200 reviews, and a 5-star rating on the Cameo site. Johnson also has over 200 reviews, although his rating is 4.9 stars. Big Ed, who has only appeared in one season of 90 Day Fiance, has over 500 reviews and charges $75 per request. He seems to go all out for his Cameos. A sample video shows him rushing into the frame with a chicken hat on his head to wish the Cameo recipient a happy birthday.