’90 Day Fiance’: Could Natalie’s Ex-Husband Cause Problems With Mike?

35-year-old Natalie, from Ukraine, and 34-year-old Mike, an American from Washington state, were both going through difficult divorces when they met each other through mutual friends.

The couple, appearing on Season 7 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, now seems madly in love. But the challenges they’re facing, including Natalie’s delayed visa, Mike’s secret credit card debt, and Natalie’s desire to have children right away, could affect their future.

On the Dec. 1 episode of 90 Day Fiance, “We Need to Talk,” Natalie and Mike delved more deeply into the difficult topic of Natalie’s ex-husband.

Mike and Natalie
Mike and Natalie of ’90 Day Fiance’ | Spill it Sister Podcast via Instagram

Natalie’s friend told Mike about the ’90 Day Fiance’ star’s ex-husband

During Mike’s visit to Ukraine to see Natalie, the engaged couple met with Natalie’s good friend Svetlana for dinner in Kiev. Svetlana told producers that she and Natalie had a 15-year friendship and that she wanted to make sure that Mike was the right guy for her close friend.

Over dinner, Svetlana asked Mike, “Michael, do you know that her heart was broken?” She added that “as [Natalie’s] best friend,” she was worried about her future and concerned that she could be hurt again.

Mike responded kindly, saying that he likely didn’t know “the extent” of Natalie’s broken heart but that he was there for her now. “I am here to patch that up,” he assured Svetlana.

Mike admitted to 90 Day Fiance producers that he was “surprised” to see that Natalie still reacted emotionally about her divorce from her ex-husband. Both of them have been divorced for over two years, so he admitted that he was taken aback by the realization that she was still trying to move on from her ex.

The ’90 Day Fiance’ couple argued over Natalie’s ex

During a morning workout later in the episode, Mike’s insecurities about Natalie’s ex came to the forefront.

Natalie, who loves sports and working out, said she wanted to push Mike to get in better shape. The 90 Day Fiance star told producers that she thought her fiance had “great potential” to become more fit and active.

But as Mike challenged himself to get through the workout, he appeared to have something more serious on his mind. “So did you used to do this all the time with your ex-husband, baby?” he finally asked his Ukrainian fiancee.

Natalie was clearly upset by the question. “You think it matters if you run, or you not run?” she asked him, disturbed. “It’s not about my ex-husband or whatever.”

“I just want to make sure I’m the right guy for you, baby,” Mike responded, which seemed to upset Natalie even more.

She told producers that she didn’t appreciate the divorce-related line of questioning. “I don’t really like that Michael brought up my ex-husband when we were running because it has nothing to do with him,” she said. “Why would I talk about this with him?”

Still, Mike defended his decision to bring up the topic. “I felt like it was something that I kinda needed to ask,” Michael told 90 Day Fiance producers. He added that he was learning quickly that Natalie’s ex was a sore subject.

Natalie explained why she left her former husband

Later in the episode, Natalie opened up more about her ex-husband and the reasons behind her divorce. She called her ex a “very good partner” and explained that he was an athletic army man with whom she shared many similar interests.

However, after several years together, the 90 Day Fiance star admitted to herself, “Still, something’s missing. The connection we used to have, there’s no [more] connection.”

The subject of having a family was another reason for the divorce. Natalie wanted children, while her ex kept putting it off. “Because the subject of kids was moved for years, I realized that I should leave him. But I’m trying to move on, and the best way to move on, start a new relationship,” the 90 Day Fiance star said.

Natalie concluded that Mike was the most important person in her life now and that she wanted to fully move on from her ex into a new future. “And Mike, he’s completely different guy. I don’t compare Mike to my ex-husband. Michael is my future, and my ex-husband is my past,” she explained.