’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Silva’s Ex Almost Gave Caesar’s Ex Maria This Generous Gift

Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester didn’t have a good run on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The 45-year-old fashion designer from Connecticut and her Dutch boyfriend, a 26-year-old model, fought about everything from cutting steak on the bias to romantic jealousy and Darcey’s drinking.

Most recently, Jesse Meester appeared on the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell-All when his ex was still with her British boyfriend Tom Brooks. On the same Tell-All, Caesar Mack’s controversial Ukrainian ex Maria, who never actually met him in person, appeared via video chat.

In an unlikely 90 Day Fiance mashup (much like Jesse’s recent meetup with Tom Brooks), Meester met up with Maria in Barcelona and even claimed that he had planned to give her an appreciation ring from his online store.

Darcey and Stacey Silva
Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva | Brad Barket/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

Jesse said he was about to give Maria an ‘appreciation ring’

Jesse Meester and Caesar Mack’s ex Maria met up in Barcelona in early Nov. 2019 for a night out at a swanky hotel, a photo shoot, and a workout on the beach. Meester claimed in his Instagram stories that Maria had been misunderstood after her time on the show. He also called her “beautiful,” “special,” and “amazing,” and captioned a photo of the two of them, “So happy to meet you.”

Since their meetup, Maria and Jesse have continued to flirt on Instagram, sparking some rumors that the two might be dating or may have hooked up in Barcelona.

In a recent Instagram post, Jesse kept the rumors going with a post that referenced a semi-romantic gift for Maria (as well as his robbery in Spain, in which he claimed to have $60,000 worth of valuables stolen).

Under a photo of himself with Maria on the beach, the former 90 Day Fiance star wrote, “That awkward moment when you’re about to gift her the infamous 2 CT @meesterstore ‘appreciation ring’ but you just got robbed from all your jewelry and the beautiful scenery is all you have left to offer. 👀⁣”

He added, “I hope it’s good enough @divine_maria? 😩 Thanks for being such a good sport and friend.”

Some ’90 Day Fiance’ fans criticized the unlikely pair

Maria chimed in on Jesse’s post herself, writing, “Collect moments, not things. And those moments are priceless…”

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers criticized Jesse for hanging out with Maria at all because of her history with Caesar. One fan wrote under her comment, “then run back to western union and give back [his money.]”

Another 90 Day Fiance fan clapped back, “except when it’s Caesar’s money. Please stop. We already saw how you treat people…you think Jesse is a come up…”

Others called Jesse out for spending time with someone they considered untrustworthy. “Why would you interact with a gal who catfished another man?” one Instagram user commented.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “The reason why people are so negative is because of how Maria strung Caesar along for 5 years to take his money. No editing there!! It’s disgusting that someone can play with someone’s emotions like that. It’s very clear she never cared for him and was just using him for money.”

Some ’90 Day Fiance’ viewers supported the new friends

Other 90 Day Fiance fans thought the pair was not actually dating, but was instead just trying to get attention on social media. Still others praised the two for getting along after all the drama.

“I actually really like both Jesse and Maria,” wrote one Instagram user of the interaction. “They’re both beautiful human beings just living their best lives.”

Others even hoped the couple would actually date in the future. Of Caesar Mack’s ex, one Instagram user commented, “I find it very coincidental that her ‘ideal man’ described Jesse and here we are after the tell all and her and Jesse are together. Hmmm hmmm hmmm.”