’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey Silva’s Newest Ex Says She ‘Played’ Him, Calls Her ‘Heartless’

Darcey Silva has had a tumultuous relationship history over the past few years on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. First, she broke things off after a rocky relationship with Dutch boyfriend Jesse Meester. Then, the 90 Day Fiance star and her British beau, Tom Brooks, broke up as well after cheating accusations on both sides.

Most recently, Darcey was seen showing off what looked like an engagement ring. She revealed her newest man, Michael, whom she referred to as her “Viking,” on Instagram. Rumors swirled that Darcey might even be filming for the next season of 90 Day Fiance with Michael.

But it looks like that relationship has soured as well. Michael took to Instagram to expose Darcey Silva, while her ex Tom Brooks got in on the social media action as well. And since Tom and Jesse Meester recently made amends, maybe Jesse and Michael are next.

Darcey and Stacey Silva
Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva | Brad Barket/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

Michael claimed his ’90 Day Fiance’ ex ‘played with his emotions’

On Dec. 4, Silva’s rumored ex-boyfriend Michael shared a now-deleted series of photos and videos of himself with Darcey. In each one, he accused her of leading him on, causing drama in his life, and feeding him “false love.” He even called her a “heartless woman” who “played with his emotions.”

In the first Instagram post, Michael wrote of his 90 Day Fiance ex, “Let’s get this straight she [led] me on to believe she was in love with me spent 7 days with me telling me she loved me for months played with my emotions it’s all bulls*** and I want her out my life and I want out of this drama fake love it’s heartless she got her extra followers anyways take care Darcey.”

In another emotional post, Michael claimed that his 90 Day Fiance ex “played him for a fool,” writing: “She played me for a fool with her fake love so before people blame me get the facts am out of this sh** show drama too much fake sh**.”

Michael’s third post read simply, “I won’t let anyone hurt me or feed me false love again heartless woman.”

Tom Brooks told Darcey’s ex she played the ‘same game’ with him

Tom Brooks, who recently made up and even hung out with Darcey’s ex Jesse Meester, took to his Instagram stories to defend Michael and expose Darcey’s alleged cheating. As reported by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, Tom Brooks wrote on his Instagram stories that Michael didn’t “need an introduction but is actually a decent guy. Shouldn’t believe everything you read.”

Brooks also exposed texts in which Michael accused Silva of cheating on him and claimed that he had cheated with Silva while she was with Brooks. Brooks replied, “Same game different person.” Michael also wrote in the messages that he was there for Jessie if he ever wanted to talk and that he and Darcey were “done.”

If true, this wouldn’t be the first time Darcey Silva has been accused of cheating.

Florian Sukaj, an Albanian personal trainer and former fiance to Darcey’s twin sister Stacey Silva, allegedly cheated on Stacey recently with a woman named Shanti Zohra. Zohra recently took to her own Instagram stories to claim that Darcey had cheated on Brooks with Michael while filming for 90 Day Fiance.

Silva defended herself, said she was ready for a ‘real man’

For her part, Darcey Silva defended herself against the rumors and allegations. On Dec. 4, the 90 Day Fiance star shared a short video of herself on Instagram and captioned it with an empowering message about moving on and moving forward in her life.

“No man will control me or manipulate me again! I’m my own woman! Staying strong! Ready for the real deal and a real man! Been there done that! Bye boys!” Silva wrote in the post.

She continued, “The right man for me will be confident, sexy and cool! I will never settle for less! Moving on up! Users are just flings! No more vindictive men! So over it! Thank you next! Only want the best! Not needy or desperate here! Want a secure man who’s strong and loving!”

Silva added the hashtags “sex it up,” “time is now,” and “no fool here,” indicating that her version of her relationship with Michael is very different from his.