’90 Day Fiance’: David’s Desperate Desire for a Partner Didn’t Hide His Controlling Side From Fans

Part of the fun of 90 Day Fiancé is guessing the ulterior motives of the people involved. Is the relationship based on trying to use someone to get a green card? Are they just there for sex or is it true love? For fans of the show, David and Lana are an excellent example of a couple with secrets to guess. There are plenty of red flags about Lana’s behavior because she seems like she could very well be using him for his money, with no intention of ever having a relationship at all. 

However, fans are also wondering about what’s going on with David. While he comes across as a clueless victim, he also seems controlling. Very controlling, to some fans.

David Murphey and Lana
David Murphey and Lana | Instagram @davidjmurphey

The David and Lana story

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David Murphey waited a long time to find the love of his life. He was 60 years old before he proposed to Lana on the show. Although he seems eager to pursue marriage, Lana, the 27-year-old Ukrainian woman who is the object of his affections, seems to be in no rush to advance the relationship.

David met Lana seven years ago, chatting with her on a website that charges money to spend time talking to women online. David has been pursuing Lana since she was 20. He even traveled to Ukraine four times to meet her, only to return home without seeing her.

Does Lana even want to be with David?

That seems like a fair question to ask because standing up an international visitor that many times seems like a red flag. David was not willing to be deterred, though. On his fifth trip to Ukraine, they finally did meet. After spending a few days together, David seemed sure that Lana was the one for him, and he popped the question. She said yes, although viewers couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t exactly look like a love-struck bride-to-be. 

Considering that Lana still had multiple active profiles on chat websites like the one she met David on and that she wouldn’t answer his calls, take the profiles down when asked, many people are certain that David was scammed. But even if she did scam him, viewers are noticing that David has a controlling streak that people just don’t like.

David isn’t so innocent

Lana isn’t the only woman from Ukraine that David has been in contact with. Going back as far as the ’90s, David would receive catalogs with pictures of women. He could then invite them to meet with him at a “social” in Ukraine. As technology progressed, he moved to meet women on the website where he connected with Lana. He’s admitted that he’s chatted with over 1,000 women and spent at least $250,000 on the venture over the years. 

If the fact that David has spent at least a quarter of a million dollars to meet women in Ukraine isn’t enough to make viewers uncomfortable, there’s also the fact that he hired a private investigator to gather information on Lana to be sure she wasn’t a catfish. On top of that, when he went to Ukraine for the fourth time and was stood up he drove out to what he thought was her home (it wasn’t). All of these facts together make viewers uncomfortable, and they took to Twitter to say so. 

One of the big objections to David is that his behavior seems predatory. “He goes there to meet these women that could b his daughter because he’s a dirty old man. He creeps me out totally,” one person said. Another agreed, pointing out, “if he really wanted to find somebody, he’d look closer to home. He wants a way-too-young foreign chick he thinks he can impress with money & arrogance.” 

“He’s a dirty old man and deserves everything he gets! Or doesn’t get!!!” Or, as another comment put it succinctly, “Something is off with him.” Ultimately, David and Lana didn’t work out, and it’s likely fans of 90 Day Fiancé suspect that David’s controlling behavior might have been a factor.