’90 Day Fiancé’: Deavan Clegg Drops Major Hint and Teases Fans in New Photo

Deavan Clegg started this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way out with Jihoon Lee. Now, that is completely over. Since the season stopped filming, Clegg and Lee broke up and Clegg has been accusing Lee of abusing her daughter Drascilla. Even further closing the door on the relationship, Clegg has entered into a whole new romance with  Christopher ‘Topher’ Park.

Deavan and Jihoon’s breakup

When the breakup was first announced, Clegg made a lot of vague references to something awful that Lee had done. Eventually, she alleged that Lee had pulled out Drascilla’s hair in the middle of the night.

“Jihoon’s trying to act like it’s Drascilla’s fault and that’s why he pulled her hair, but he’s making it sound like it was just like this [light tug on hair] like ‘don’t hurt the other girls.’ No, it was 3 a.m., and I’m not even kidding. It’s like [a chunk] of her hair was gone. It was just one pull at 3 a.m. I heard her scream and I went to go see what was going on and then all that bad stuff happened,” she told  All About The Tea.

Lee denied those claims and said that Clegg moved on without telling him.

“And a month later, she suddenly said that I abused Drascilla and demanded a breakup,” he wrote on his Instagram stories. “A month later, another man was imitating Taeyang’s father. Deavan made claims saying that Drascilla told Deavan that I had been abusing Drascilla. Drascilla told the truth that there was nothing to be said later on and Deavan was still going for the separation without confirming it with me. She did it through social media after she found her new boyfriend.”

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Devan Clegg keeps teasing an engagement

It seems that Clegg may have known Park while she was with Lee. She said that the two met on the plane during her first trip to Korea. But they didn’t start dating until this year after she and Lee had broken up.

Since then, Park and Clegg have been all over one another’s social media pages. Park has been seen sporting what looks like a wedding band on his ring finger and in Clegg’s recent pictures, fans have noticed her wearing what could be an engagement ring.

Recently, she and Park both posted photos from a photoshoot. In Park’s picture, Clegg’s ring was visable. On her page, she posted a cryptic caption about a future with Park.

“I love this man with all my heart,” she wrote. “Super excited to start our new journey together. Make sure to follow @tophandher for updates. As well as @hyu.nw.”

Fans obviously went crazy after both posts went up. Now, Clegg is teasing fans even more. Over the weekend, she posted a photo of her and Park, with her ring front and center.

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“And that is a wrap!” she captioned the photo. “Today was so much fun! So happy I got to experience this with you @hyu.nw . Make sure to follow @tophandher for updates on Issue 07.”

Fans’ comments were a mix of sympathy for Lee and people telling Clegg to slow the relationship down.

She has yet to confirm if she is actually engaged.