’90 Day Fiancé’: Deavan Clegg’s New Boyfriend Is Already Cropping Her Out of Pictures, Is There Trouble in Paradise?

 Deavan Clegg seems to be going strong in her new relationship. Ever since the news broke that the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star was dating Christopher ‘Topher’ Park, the two have made their relationship very visable on social media. But recently, Park did something very interesting to one of his photos that has fans wondering if something weird is going on between the couple.

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Things didn’t work out between Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

90 Day Fiancé fans are used to seeing Clegg with her estranged husband Jihoon Lee. The two struggled through two seasons of the show together. While Clegg was in Korea, she learned that Lee had lied about having a full-time job and how much money he had saved. But ultimately, the last straw for Clegg was when Lee allegedly pulled some of her daughter Drascilla’s hair out.

“Jihoon’s trying to act like it’s Drascilla’s fault and that’s why he pulled her hair, but he’s making it sound like it was just like this, like ‘don’t hurt the other girls.’ No, it was 3 a.m., and I’m not even kidding. It’s like [a chunk] of her hair was gone. It was just one pull at 3 a.m. I heard her scream and I went to go see what was going on and then all that bad stuff happened,” she told All About The Tea.

How did Deavan meet Topher Park?

Many fans think that Clegg met Park after leaving Lee but that isn’t the case. The two actually met on a plane when they were each flying to Korea for the first time. The pair didn’t actually start talking until they realized they had a mutual friend in common.

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They had their first date this year in LA, but weren’t able to go out anywhere due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions at the time.

“It was a quarantine date,” Clegg said on her Instagram Live, according to Screen Rant. “We just sat there and talked for hours until 5 a.m.”

But sparks didn’t exactly fly their first time hanging out.

“We didn’t even kiss the first time,” she said. “I thought he didn’t like me.”

Deavan Clegg is serious about Topher Park

Engagement rumors have been floating around about Park and Clegg for a while now. The rumors started when Clegg posted a photo of Park to Instagram with the lyrics to Stephanie Poetri’s “I Love You 3000.”

“When you ask. Baby, take my hand. I want you to be my husband. ‘Cause you’re my Iron Man. And I love you 3000,” she wrote.

Park has also been seen spotting a ring on his left ring finger.

Is there trouble in paradise?

Clegg recently began her birthday celebrations. To commemorate the day, Park posted a picture of the two of them in bed with the caption, “Happy birthday honey.”

The weird thing about the photo is that though it was a post for Clegg, she is also completely cropped out of it. The focus of the photo is totally on Park. Though it was a weird thing for Park to do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is off about their relationship as they still celebrated Clegg’s birthday as a couple.