’90 Day Fiancé’: Did Kalani Go Too Far With Her Comments About Asuelu ‘Making Out’ With His Mom? Fans Weigh In

For the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, cameras followed Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa as they traveled to Washington to see the latter’s family.

Once they arrived, Asuelu and his mother shared a lengthy embrace that was weird and unsettling to Kalani. She accused her husband of “making out” with his mom, causing Asuelu to storm away with an attitude. As the moment played out, viewers hopped online with their thoughts — some of which were in agreement with Kalani and others that were more critical.

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa
Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa | asuelupulaa via Instagram

Kalani and Asuelu finally took their trip to Washington

Feeling homesick, Asuelu asked a few episodes ago if he and Kalani could take their brood to see his family in his native Samoa. Kalani refused due to a measles outbreak on the island, sparking a huge fight between her and her husband.

After a blowout during a trip to California for their son’s birthday, they came to a compromise and agreed to go to Washington, where Asuelu’s mom and two half-sisters reside.

When they arrived, Asuelu and his mom shared a long embrace while she planted a kiss on his face. The moment lasted for over 10 seconds.

Opening up about the trip in a confessional, Asuelu’s mom raved: “I’m so excited because it’s a long time, I never see my son and his wife, and his beautiful, handsome boys.”

Her son also expressed how glad he was to reunite with some of his family. But Kalani just felt “awkward.”

Kalani accused Asuelu of ‘making out’ with his mom

From Kalani’s angle, it appeared that Asuelu and his mother were kissing on the lips. Telling that to Asuelu when they were alone, she said, “You [were] making out with your mom. It was lip to lip!”

Attempting to imitate the kiss, she tried to kiss her husband on the lips, to which he said,  “Mom didn’t kiss me like that.” He showed her how it was done, but Kalani persisted with her opinion. “Okay, well, everyone else saw something different,” she continued.

After a little back-and-forth about it, Asuelu snapped, “Okay, so you f*ck me up. I don’t want to do this sh*t.” He stormed away from her and the cameras as Kalani called him a “crybaby.”

Fan reactions to Kalani accusing Asuelu of ‘making out’ with his mom

Taking to Twitter, many fans sided with Kalani, arguing that Asuelu and his mom were too close for comfort.

“I’m with Kalani on this one. His mom did the one arm around the neck, move the lips, bring closer and do the dramatic other arm around the neck like the movies. I ain’t never seen someone mama kiss their child like that,” read one tweet.

Agreeing, another person tweeted, “That was a weird hug with Asuelu and his mom. That’s like a Colt and Debbie hug/kiss.”

“Asuelu and his mom reuniting has to be thee most cringeworthy thing I’ve seen on TV,” added a third viewer.

Others, however, described Kalani’s comments as childish and nonsensical.

“That was kind of childish of Kalani to bring up that kiss between Asuelu and his mom on camera and continually,” read one tweet.

Echoing that, a second person declared, “Kalani was acting 💩y about the kiss. If he said they didn’t kiss on the lips, they didn’t. And you wonder why he has such a bad attitude, plays video games and doesnt want to talk to your a**”

Even fans of Kalani called her out over her comments, with one viewer writing: “I’m always Team Kalani and I love her humour, but that one took it a bit far. She should have just dropped it after the first couple times or saying it – it’s a pretty gross thing to say.”

Fortunately, Kalani and Asuelu appeared to get over the disagreement pretty quickly. They later went to dinner with the family and seemed to be having a good time — up until things got tense between Asuelu and his mom and sisters. Fans can see more of the moment on the next episode of Happily Ever After when it airs on Aug. 16.

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