’90 Day Fiancé’: Did Mursel Walk Out on Anna?

Ever since Mursel Mistanoglu arrived in Anna Campisi’s home state of Nebraska from his native country of Turkey on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé Season 7, the couple’s cultural differences and language barrier have caused major issues. 

In particular, Mursel’s refusal to tell his family back home about Anna’s three sons has been a sticking point for the unlikely pair. On last week’s episode, Anna finally issued an ultimatum to Mursel: Tell your family or we’re done. On the Dec. 29 90 Day Fiancé episode, “I Don’t Have a Choice,” Mursel dealt with the aftermath of obliging Anna’s wishes…and things went even worse than either of them had ever feared. 

Anna Campisi
Anna Campisi | Anna Campisi via Instagram

Mursel told Anna he had to return to Turkey

Mursel’s family responded to the news that Anna had three children with as much venom as possible. The 90 Day Fiancé star’s mother even told Mursel she’d never liked Anna and wanted him to return to Turkey immediately. 

“I’m so angry with your family,” Anna told Mursel as the couple sat weeping over the news. “So what are you going to do now?” she asked her fiance, still holding out hope for the best.

But she wasn’t about to get her wish. “I don’t want leave you but my family very bad. Very aggressive,” Mursel said before confessing that he planned to return to Turkey right away due to his parents’ wishes. Heartbroken, Mursel curled up on the floor and bawled. 

The ‘90 Day Fiancé’ stars wrestled with a possible breakup

For her part, Anna was unimpressed with Mursel’s inability to fight for their marriage. “I’m really pissed and upset that Mursel is 38 and can’t stand up to his parents,” Anna told TLC producers. 

But Mursel and Anna would have to break up, her husband-to-be claimed, unless his parents changed their mind. Explaining that he was facing “incredible pressure from all sides,” Mursel said, “They don’t allow us to marry because it is against Turkish culture. I will probably return to Turkey.”

And while the 90 Day Fiancé star admitted it wasn’t at all what he wanted, he didn’t feel it was his decision to make. “I want to oppose it but they are older. I spent many years with them. Because of that I cannot stand against them,” Mursel asserted.

Anna’s mom confronted Mursel about his decision

Anna and Mursel then took on the heartbreaking job of telling Anna’s mom and sons about her fiance’s impending departure.

Anna’s mother, like her daughter, was not at all impressed with her would-be son-in-law. “Well, this is just such bull****,” she snapped. “So you come here for 90 days, you break my daughter’s heart, and now you’re going to go back to Turkey like nothing’s wrong?”

Mursel lamented the children’s loss and their pain over their mother’s heartbreak. “I can see in their faces an incredibly upset look. I am quite sorry about this,” Mursel cried.

“It’s really depressing because I thought he was gonna help me a lot and he’s now leaving,” Anna’s young teen son Gino confessed to producers.

Again, Anna’s fiance claimed he had no part in the decision. The 90 Day Fiancé star panicked and nearly fell apart as he declared, “I want it, but it’s all over. I have to go back to Turkey. I don’t have a choice.”

Mursel sadly headed to a hotel to prepare to leave, but the couple’s devastating video calls that night suggested that neither Mursel nor his future (possible) wife was completely ready to give up just yet.