’90 Day Fiance’: Did Olga and Steven Break Up?

Did another one bite the dust? It seems like 90 Day Fiance couples are breaking up left and right. It shouldn’t be all that surprising, seeing as how many of the couples only know each other for around three months before getting married. But even still, fans are upset every time a couple announces their separation.

Steven and Olga
Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova| Instagram @Koshimbetova

Since it’s been a while since fans have heard from Olga Koshimbetova and Steven Frend, people probably thought that all was well with the couple. But a recent photo showed that everything might not be as perfect in their relationship as it seems.

Steven and Olga’s relationship

Frend and Koshimbetova met when Koshimbetova was spending a summer in America. The two intended on their relationship being a summer fling, but shortly after they started dating, Koshimbetova became pregnant.

Later, Frend went to Russia to witness their child being born. When Frend came to Russia, Koshimbetova was under the impression that he had already applied for her K-1 visa months ago. In reality, he had been putting off applying for the visa so Koshimbetova ended season six of the show without coming to America.

Steven and Olga get married

Despite the deception, the couple recently celebrated two years together.

“Today marks 2 years together,” Frend wrote on Instagram. “Has it been perfect? No. But in reality all relationships do have there [sic] ups and downs, but staying together is what makes the relationship so very strong.”

“I appreciate you Olga so much for staying patient with me while I found my way,” he continued. “I was so lost without you here with me and now that I have you I never want to let you go. So here’s to 2 years down and many more to come. I love you babychka.”

Koshimbetova also commemorated the day on Instagram.

“Time flies so fast that two years have passed since our meeting,” she wrote. “We have already went through a lot of things, but this is only the beginning of our adventure with you, get ready babe.”

They later tied the knot.

“30.08.2019 we are officially husband and wife,” the Russian mom captioned a photo of the family with their marriage license.

Are Steven and Olga still together?

Recently, Koshimbetova posted an adorable picture of her and her son to Instagram. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that she isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Fans were quick to notice this and ask what was up.

Among the many comments about how cute her son was, one user asked,” Why are you without a ring?”

Surprisingly, Koshimbetova responded.

“Too complicated,” she said.

Further compounding evidence that the couple may have split is Frend’s lack of photos of Koshimbetova on his Instagram. While he posts their son quite often, the last photo of his wife was posted all the way back in February. However, Koshimbetova recently posted a photo and tagged Frend as the photographer. So, it’s hard to say definitively what is going on with this couple. Hopefully, they can work out whatever the “complicated” issue was.