’90 Day Fiancé’: Did Tom Brooks Cheat On Darcey Silva?

90 Day Fiancé stars Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva have had a rocky relationship throughout their tenure on the show, to say the least. Silva is looking for love, affection, and commitment, and it often seems as if Tom Brooks isn’t quite looking for the same. 

Meanwhile, Brooks has been spotted at an event with another blonde, who some fans seem to think is a Darcey Silva lookalike. He’s also been called out for stealing other user’s Instagram content, and pretending to live a life of luxury. Now, it seems Darcey Silva suspects Tom Brooks of infidelity. 

Spotted out with another blonde woman

It looks as if Tom Brooks has a specific type after all. A photo of Tom Brooks with a blonde, Darcey Silva lookalike was posted by Instagram account fraudedbytlc. The photo comes from a fashion event in Milan, Italy. 

The Instagram account captioned the image, “… [Tom Brooks] was allegedly recently seen spotted at a cafe in Milan with this definitely-not-Darcey beauty and there was most definitely a**-grabbing involved. Allegedly, there is another girl whom Tom was cheating on with this girl.”

While we can’t confirm the information in the caption, the image itself is self-explanatory — Tom Brooks was out with another woman who looks a bit like Darcey Silva. Brooks claims the woman was simply his dancing partner. 

Earlier in this season of 90 Day Fiancé, Brooks actually revealed that he’d been seeing other women almost right up until Darcey Silva came to see him. Brooks told the camera, “I’ve been seeing other women. But I told them I wouldn’t be seeing them anymore. I want to see where this goes with Darcey. I want to see if this love affair and romance, which it could be, could become something more of a long-term thing.”

A fake luxury lifestyle 

Tom Brooks has also been caught lying about his lifestyle. The 90 Day Fiancé star often posts images of what appears to be a luxury lifestyle to his Instagram. Some of the images Brooks has posted have since been removed, and it’s because he got called out. 

It was recently revealed that many of the images Brooks was posting were simply stolen from other Instagram users. Once again, fraudedbytlc revealed Brooks’ poor behavior. This time, they posted side-by-side images of Brooks’ posts, as well as the original source. 

One example was a photo of Louis Vuitton fragrances posted by Instagram user lvip_mario. That’s the first image, on the left. The second image, on the right, is the same picture reposted by Tom Brooks. Brooks altered the original caption to suggest that the fragrances are his own. You can see the original user calling out Tom Brooks for his image theft in the screencap posted by fraudedbytlc. 

Did Tom Brooks cheat?

Darcey Silva
Darcey Silva | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Now, fans seem to suspect that Tom Brooks may have been cheating on Darcey Silva this whole time. A source close to the 90 Day Fiancé couple told HollywoodLife that Darcey Silva thinks Brooks has been cheating, and that the relationship is strained. 

“Darcey suspects that Tom has been cheating on her this entire season and it’s still an issue in their relationship. She thinks he’s has had multiple girlfriends on the side the entire time. Countless girls message her on Instagram telling her that Tom is cheating with them,” said the source

“The show never gave a reason why there was so much tension when Darcey made Tom go to Albania instead of Tom’s idea to surprise her at the Canary Islands. The real reason for the destination change was because Darcey had just found out about the other women and was upset,” the source continued. “This also explains why there was more tension than normal with everyone. Normally, Darcey and her [twin] sister get along but that episode they were at it with each other. Production made it look like [her sister] Stacey was mad at Darcey but didn’t give much insight why. It’s really because she wants Darcey to be treated better.”

“Everyone around Darcey thinks Tom is a fraud. They think he wants to appear as this rich, jet setting man but he’s really not like that at all. You can Google him and nothing will come up, even his Instagram followers are fake,” added the source.

While it’s not totally clear whether or not Brooks did cheat on Silva, it seems Silva has her own suspicions.