’90 Day Fiancé’: Does Juliana Get Along With Michael’s Ex-Wife and Kids?

Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen make an unlikely couple on Season 7 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. Jessen is a 40-something wine entrepreneur from Greenwich, Connecticut, while Custodio is a Brazilian model in her early 20s. The pair met at a yacht party in Croatia before Jessen brought Custodio to the United States on a K-1 visa.

The 90 Day Fiancé couple has already turned viewers’ heads due to Jessen’s heavy spending on his bride-to-be, as well as their age difference and some whispers about potential prostitution. What’s more, Jessen is a divorced father of two children, Max and CeCe.

On the Nov. 24 episode, “You Never Forget Your Past,” 90 Day Fiancé fans saw Custodio sit down with Jessen’s ex-wife for the first time. But how are things going now between Custodio and Jessen’s ex and two children?

Juliana Custodio
Juliana Custodio | Juliana Custodio via Instagram

Custodio met with Michael’s ex-wife for the first time on ’90 Day Fiancé’

The Nov. 24 episode of 90 Day Fiancé saw Custodio meet with Jessen’s ex-wife, Sarah, who is closer to his age. Things between the three adults were tense but polite.

Jessen told TLC producers before the sit-down that Sarah wasn’t likely to tolerate any insincerity from his future wife. “She smells [BS] pretty quick, and if there was somebody sweeping into my life and therefore coming into the children’s lives and she felt there was insincerity or ulterior motives, Sarah would react to that,” he explained.

And while Custodio said she loved Max and CeCe already, she admitted to being “nervous” about meeting up with Sarah. In Brazil, she explained, divorced couples don’t tend to stay friends. “In Brazil, after [a] divorce they don’t talk to each other,” the 90 Day Fiancé star said. “Also, the women, they don’t understand, and they try everything to make your life hell.”

Sarah told Custodio that she was hoping the younger woman would accept her place in the family and not try to overstep any boundaries. “The kids have great parents,” she explained. “Michael is a great father, and I’m a great mom. And what I want from you is to not parent at all.”

Custodio said that she felt “uncomfortable” during the discussion and even admitted at the time, “I don’t feel I’m part of the family. They have a bond, and sometimes I feel I’m destroying their family.”

Jessen praised both Custodio and his ex on social media

Things may have been awkward between Custodio, Jessen, and Sarah at first, but based on their recent social media posts, it looks like their relationships have improved.

Jessen recently shared an Instagram post with Custodio, his ex-wife, and his elementary school-aged daughter CeCe. In the photo, all three ladies posed with boxing gloves in a gym, looking comfortable with one another.

Jessen praised his ex-wife, new love, and daughter in the photo, captioning it, “They say that behind every successful man is a strong woman…. I’m lucky to have these three amazing people in my corner.”

On the picture, the 90 Day Fiancé star added the quote, “Here’s to strong women. May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them.”

90 Day Fiancé fans praised the three adults for getting along and co-parenting respectfully. “Love this so much,” one Instagram user wrote under the post. “You guys are amazing and an inspiration to how families who divorce SHOULD BE. Love the healthy example you guys are setting for the kids!”

Another 90 Day Fiancé fan echoed these sentiments, writing, “I’m rooting for you guys. Such a beautiful, mature, respectful, and loving family. Your children are also the result of amazing co-parenting. At this point I’m only watching for you guys.”

Custodio appears close with Jessen’s children

On “You Never Forget Your Past,” Jessen said that he hoped Custodio would become close with his children over time. He said they already “adore[d] her” but that he wouldn’t put any “pressure” on her to develop a deep relationship with them right away.

The 90 Day Fiancé star also told his ex-wife, “The kids and Juliana have a good rapport.”

Since the episode was filmed, it looks like Juliana’s bond with Max and CeCe has gotten stronger. She recently took to Instagram to post a cute makeup tutorial with her two “assistants.” The two kids provided silly background commentary as Custodio prepped her face, joking about “pruning” your eyelashes with a pocket knife and using glue and tartar sauce to beautify yourself.

90 Day Fiancé viewers said that Custodio appeared mature and nurturing by fostering a relationship with Jessen’s children. “I love your relationship with his kids!! I’m so sorry you’re getting so much hate,” one commenter wrote.

Another agreed, raving about how well the co-parenting and step-parenting situation seemed to be going. “Oh my gosh, they are so cute with you,” wrote the commenter to Custodio. “It’s so hard sometimes to step into a step mom position. It’s so great to see the kids really enjoy their time with you.”