’90 Day Fiancé’: Emily Larina Is Pregnant With Sasha Larina’s Third Son, Aims to Avoid Becoming Third Ex-Wife

90 Day Fiancé couple Emily Larina and Sasha are one of the new couples debuting on Season 7 of the show. The two met in Russia, where Larina worked as an English teacher. 

However, there’s some extra baggage here. It’s 90 Day Fiancé after all. Larina is pregnant and preparing to have Sasha’s third child in what will possibly be his third marriage. Clearly, Sasha has a history of divorce — will Larina be able to dodge becoming ex-wife number three?

How did Sasha and Emily Larina meet?

Emily Larina, a 29-year-old from Portland, Oregon moved to Volgograd, Russia after she completed college. She began working there as an English teacher, with the intention of eventually traveling across Europe. However, everything changed after one day at a local gym. 

Larina was visiting the gym where 32-year-old Sasha worked, and that’s when the two first noticed each other. Sasha helped train Larina, who tutored him in English. It wasn’t long before a romance blossomed. 

“As a young American girl in Russia, I was so lonely. I joined [a] gym because I wanted to be social, and that is where I met my hot personal trainer, Sasha,” Larina said in her TLC interview. Larina soon realized she was pregnant, and the two decided to try and make it work as a family.

Unfortunately, Emily Larina soon learned that Sasha has quite a bit of baggage and romantic history behind him. 

A history of divorce 

It wasn’t long before the 90 Day Fiancé star learned that her new love, Sasha, has quite a history when it comes to marriage. In fact, Sasha has already been married twice before, and has two children, one from each marriage. 

“Sasha just made mistakes in the past and he happened to marry those mistakes, but we’re different. Our relationship is perfect,” Emily told TLC.

She added, “There’s a pattern: He gets someone pregnant and it all falls apart. I am going to be Sasha’s third wife. This is his third child with another woman, but we’re going to last.”

Sasha’s first wife said, “He met his second wife, she got pregnant, and he came to me, and I said, ‘I want a divorce.’ But still, he left her for his third, Emily.”

If we’re to believe what his ex-wife says, it sounds as if Sasha gets a woman pregnant, loses interest in his previous relationship, and moves on to the next woman. 

“Our second walk together – when he told me, of course, my initial reaction was that he was a jerk, womanizer or something along those lines,” Larina told Fox News. “He explained where his past relationships went wrong, and I understood. Our personalities really meshed well and he seemed genuine in his explanation, so I gave him a shot.”

Heading to the U.S. 

Now, Emily Larina and Sasha are preparing for a new life in the U.S. And Larina wants to make it clear that Sasha was never just in it for the visa. 

“Sasha didn’t pursue a relationship with me because he wanted to come to America. He had a very successful career in Volgograd and Moscow. He came with me because I asked,” she told Fox News. 

Sasha added, “This is where I wanted to raise my family. We also hope my son’s brothers can join us one day if they choose, or at least for summers, and we can all be together.”