’90 Day Fiancé’: Eric Nichols Says He and Larissa Dos Santos Lima Had an ‘Agreement’ About the Past

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Larissa Dos Santos Lima has been going through a lot. She finally comes clean to her roommate about being back with Eric Nichols, only to be kicked out of her housing situation for it.

With nowhere else to go, Larissa moves in with Eric, and scores her own room out of the whole thing too. But there is already trouble in paradise when Larissa contacts a woman from Eric’s past and learns some things she can’t seem to get over.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima contacts a woman from Eric Nichols’ past

Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Eric Nichols and Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Larissa has only just moved into her new digs with Eric’s help, yet she’s already found the time to go through his phone when he isn’t around. Larissa finds some old texts between Eric and another woman when they were broken up. She decides to call the woman to get more information about what Eric has said, and what Larissa learns doesn’t make her too happy.

“Eric has been saying to this girl that I’m a bad mother, that I don’t take showers,” Larissa tells the cameras. The woman, named Natalie, says to Larissa that Eric bashed her to both her and his own parents. She also says he spoke about their “intimacy” together, which really fires Larissa up. She decides to confront Eric about what she’s learned.

Larissa and Eric argue over the situation

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When Larissa tries to speak with Eric, it quickly spirals out of control. “So you digging up the dead is completely acceptable?” Eric asks Larissa. Larissa then asks why Eric is talking about her “intimacy” with strangers, and Eric insists they were broken up at the time.

“You agreed that once we got back together, whatever happened in our past during our time of when we were broken up, it would not affect what we are doing now,” Eric reminds Larissa.

Larissa proceeds to ask Eric why he hates her so much. Then Eric says she “stole” his phone from him that she gave him. Larissa insists she let him borrow the phone, but she never gave it to him to keep. “The first time that I was with Eric, I gave that phone to him because he’s very cheap,” Larissa tells the cameras. “I found out that he was using the phone that I gave to him to trash me. It’s not fair.”

Eric asks Larissa where she is, since she’s currently staying in his house. Things get so heated, that Larissa asks Eric if he’s going to call the cops. Fans know that if the cops get called, it might not end well for Larissa, considering she’s been arrested three times previously.

Eric says they had an ‘agreement’ about the past

After arguing, Eric admits to the cameras that he may have “talked about some sort of sexual relationship with Larissa.” He also details that they had an “agreement” that if things came up about the past, they would talk about it.

“I may have talked about some sort of sexual relationship between Larissa and I, but we had an agreement that if anything were to come up after her and I got back together, we would discuss it like adults,” Eric tells the cameras. “And I don’t feel like we’ve been able to discuss this like adults.”

Larissa and Eric need to calmly talk things out if they hope to save their relationship. Where does this lead Larissa and Eric? Will they be able to patch things up? Only time will tell.