’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Are Seeing Right Through Emily and Sasha’s Relationship

There are some couples that go on 90 Day Fiance who you root for. They seem to genuinely love one another and their relationships actually have a shot at working. Some couples, on the other hand, are pretty much doomed from the start. In these cases, it’s usually clear that one person is more invested in the relationship than the other or there is some other bright red flag standing in the way of a happy marriage.

Sasha and Emily 90 Day Fiance
Sasha and Emily 90 Day Fiance | Instagram: @emily.larina

Season seven of 90 Day Fiance may have just begun but fans are already seeing right through Emily and Sasha Larina’s relationship.

How did Emily and Sasha meet?

Emily and Sasha met when Emily went to Russia to teach English after graduating from college. She then ran into Sasha, who was a fitness trainer at a gym in her area. The two hit it off and Sasha soon began training her. While they were dating, Emily became pregnant with Sasha’s child so the pair decided to move their little family to the U.S. even though Sasha already had two other children by other women.

Emily has doubts about Sasha

Despite bringing him to America, Emily wasn’t initially too keen on the fact that Sasha already had two baby mammas.

 “Our second walk together – when he told me, of course, my initial reaction was that he was a jerk, womanizer or something along those lines,” she told Fox News of when Sasha told her about his past relationships. “He explained where his past relationships went wrong, and I understood. Our personalities really meshed well and he seemed genuine in his explanation, so I gave him a shot.”

But she’s not oblivious to the trend in Sasha’s life.

“There’s a pattern: He gets someone pregnant and it all falls apart. I am going to be Sasha’s third wife,” she said. “This is his third child with another woman, but we’re going to last.’

But when the baby came, Sasha didn’t seem too enthused about spending time with him.

“When we get to America, Sasha is going to have to take care of the baby while I go out and look for work,” Emily said on an episode of the show. “He has had other children, but he doesn’t really know a lot about the child-rearing. He has always been the one working while his ex stayed home with the baby.”

“It makes me sad because he should be happy to spend time with our baby.”

Fans don’t think Sasha is into the relationship

On the Dec. 8 episode of 90 Day Fiance, Sasha finally headed to America. But before he left, Emily noticed that he had packed pretty light to start a new life.

“It looks kinda weird,” she said. “You just look like you could pack up and leave any time.”

Sasha claimed that he only packed shorts and a few shirts because it would be hot in America. But fans weren’t buying the story.

“Emily just now realizing that Sasha doesn’t want to go to America like come on it’s pretty obvious there it’s time you face reality!!” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Emily sweetie he doesn’t care about the baby just like he doesn’t care about his other two children, you are his ticket to the US dummy,” another fan tweeted.

“Sasha would’ve left Emily weeks ago but coming to America to meet his next wife is a bigger priority,” another person said.