’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans Discuss Angela Deem’s Hiring of a Translator During Her Conversation With Michael Ilesanmi’s Mother

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Angela Deem has certainly been going through a lot. After a heated conversation between Angela, Michael Ilesanmi, and his Aunt Lydia, Angela gets up from the table and declares that the wedding is off. When Angela finally talks to Michael the next day, she tells him that she wants to speak with his mother, but she’ll need a translator for that. Fans have a lot of comments when it comes to Angela hiring a translator in order to speak with Michael’s mother, Aduke.

Why Angela Deem wants to talk with Michael Ilesanmi’s mother

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

After Angela and Michael attend premarital counseling in order to be married in Nigeria, Angela is told that she’s expected to be a “submissive” wife. Angela isn’t trying to hear that, considering she told Michael from the beginning that they will be equal. When it gets brought up in front of Michael’s Aunt Lydia, Angela gets upset because she’s worried that Michael is telling his family one thing, and telling her something different while trying to please both sides.

Angela tells Michael that she wants to talk with his mother about what was discussed at the premarital counseling, as well as Angela’s fertility issues. She has no more eggs of her own, and her doctor has told her that there could be complications to her having a child at 54.

Angela Deem hires a translator so she can communicate with Michael Ilesanmi’s mother, Aduke

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Angela hires a translator to properly communicate with Aduke. She explains to the translator that she has trouble communicating with Michael’s mother. Angela is concerned that when Michael translates for them, he isn’t fully getting her point across. She says she hired the translator, who happens to be a woman, to tell her what Aduke says and vice versa.

“Michael called his mom to let her know that I wanted to talk to her, and it’s very important to me,” Angela tells the producers. “So, Michael’s brother is on his way over with Mama. I want to know what Michael’s mom thinks about me not going to be the submissive wife, and is she OK with that.”

When talking with the translator, Angela tells her to look at her, not Michael. “And look at me, not Michael. OK? You keep looking at Michael. You’re here for me,” Angela tells her.

When Angela finally gets her time to talk with Aduke about things, everything goes surprisingly well. Aduke is OK with Angela and Michael being equal in the relationship if it’s what Michael wants. But when it’s time to discuss the topic of children, Angela asks the translator to leave after mentioning they “have one more mountain to climb.” She says the conversation is personal and that it’s only for family.

“I think it’s only fair to tell you where we’re at about if Michael and I can have children,” Angela says about her fertility issues. “With my age, I might not be able to tote a baby.” Aduke gives her blessing to the couple after learning that Angela may not be able to have a child for Michael, and it’s a surprisingly excellent turn of events.

Fans discuss Angela’s hiring of a translator

Fans have a lot of opinions about Angela’s hiring of the translator. Reddit is buzzing, and some fans are confused as to why Angela has the translator leave halfway through the conversation.

One fan thinks asking the translator to leave doesn’t really make sense, considering they are being filmed for all the world to see. “I don’t understand why Angela kicks out the translator when she has personal family things to talk about, yet this is being filmed for television for everyone to see… That made no sense,” a Reddit user wrote.

Another fan wonders why the translator was even needed, considering Michael’s brother did a lot of translating. “Why did Angela even bother to have a translator come to the house, when Michael’s brother basically translated everything for her… and Angela didn’t even give the translator to really translate anything,” a fan wondered on Reddit.

A fan responded by saying it probably has to do with editing for the show. “I think this is editing. A lot of times they cut out the back and forth because otherwise the scene would be three times as long,” a fan chimed in.

One fan mentions “screaming” at the TV toward Angela when she asks the translator to leave. “I am screaming at my TV at Angela,” a fan admits. “You want to speak about not being able to tote a baby and you tell the translator to leave at the most important time?”

Another fan doesn’t like the way Angela spoke to the translator. “I don’t really like the way Angela just talked to the translator,” a fan said about the situation.

One fan thinks the translator looked ‘terrified’ when Angela tells her to look at her. “The poor lady looked terrified when Angela told her to look at her and not at Michael,” a fan wrote.

There is a lot of confusion among some fans as to why Angela even took the time to hire a translator for this conversation when she was asked to leave so quickly.