’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Don’t Trust Lana at All

Part of the thrill of watching reality TV is getting to take sides as the drama goes down. Fans pick their favorites and get into heated disputes over who is worthy of support and who is clearly up to no good. 

90 Day Fiance has proven to be no exception to this rule, but fans are typically fairly united in their sense of who is trustworthy and who is running a scam. 

The consensus seems to be that Lana, who many believe is catfishing cast member David Murphey, is completely untrustworthy. 

David Murphey and Lana have struggled to get together

Matt Sharp, Molly Hopkins, Paola Mayfield, Russ Mayfield
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Murphey had been in an online relationship with a woman named Lana for seven years. During that time, he spent tens of thousands of dollars on the platform he was using to connect with her and on lavish gifts.

Lana is from Ukraine, and that seemed to be a real draw for Murphey who seeks out women from that part of the world. In fact, he has dated more than 100 Ukrainian women, using expensive online apps to connect with them. 

Out of all of those women, though, it was Lana that truly caught Murphey’s heart and mind. Over the years, he had tried to meet up with her on multiple occasions, but Lana always seemed to have some excuse for why she couldn’t follow through.

Fans of the show watching from afar were aghast to see Murphey falling for what they thought was an obvious scam. It seemed to them that Lana wasn’t a real person at all, and she was simply stringing Murphey along so that his money and gifts kept flowing. 

Lana showed up on ’90 Day Fiance’

Just as fans thought they had the entire scam figured out, they were shocked to see Lana show up on the set in the flesh. Some viewers were so convinced that the entire thing was a trick that they came up with explanations for how Lana could appear in person.

Some believe that TLC hired a look-a-like to play the tricky Ukrainian. After all, Murphey had hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Lana, and the investigator had made it clear he believed the entire thing to be an elaborate ruse. 

Meanwhile, Murphey was so blinded by love that he excused all the red flags and insisted that all was well once Lana showed up. Murphey wasted no time once he finally had Lana. He announced he was moving to Ukraine to be with her: “I really have her. Everybody thought she wasn’t going to be there to meet me. Not only was she there but now she’s mine.” 

Fans are still suspicious of Lana

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While Murphey may have been convinced that Lana was who she said she was all along, fans aren’t letting her off the hook that easily. Even if they don’t believe that TLC is behind the entire storyline, many viewers definitely think that Lana is attempting to scam Murphey in some way.

She had plenty of slick explanations for why she lied so often to Murphey. She insisted she was merely protecting her privacy by giving him false information. To be fair, some fans do think that Murphey took his obsession with Lana a little too far, so maybe she legitimately wanted to keep herself safe. 

Still, there have been way too many lies and bad excuses to just ignore. Now that Murphey has said Lana already broke off their engagement, many fans are ready to bask in a few well-earned “I told you so” moments.

“I’m not going to say we won’t be together in the future. She’s under way too much stress with what’s going on with the show,” Murphey explained. Fans have already noted, however, that Lana is still on dating sites, which is suspicious action for someone trying to keep a low profile.