’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Angela Clashing With Michael Over Having a Baby During the Tell All

On the Tell All for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Angela Deem and her new husband, Michael Ilesanmi, argue about having a child, which isn’t really anything new.

In the second part of the Tell All, the whole thing gets brought up again, and it leads to an argument between the couple. Michael even gets up and leaves, but he does eventually return. Fans have a lot of thoughts when it comes to Angela and Michael’s heated conversation about wanting to have a baby together, and they didn’t hold back.

Angela Deem on '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After'
Angela Deem on ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ | TLC/YouTube

Michael Ilesanmi says the couple has ‘options’

Angela is 54, and recently spoke to her doctor about the risks involved in trying to have a child at her age. The couple was hoping to get an egg from Angela’s daughter, Skyla, but she isn’t budging. Michael says that if Skyla doesn’t donate an egg to the cause, they can use a surrogate, and that they have “options.”

However, Angela isn’t thrilled with the idea of a surrogate. “You’re not getting the reality of trying to have this baby,” Angela explains. “You think I’m gonna let someone tote your sperm and an egg of our baby? I’ll probably be the type of mother to move her in, then I gotta watch you with her, because you’re young and you might get an erection. She walks around in her damn nightgown.”

Skyla gets brought into the conversation, but she doesn’t seem to be changing her mind about the situation. She still won’t give up an egg, and she has her own opinion on the whole thing. “She’s just talking,” Skyla says in regards to her mother. “She’s not having no baby.”

“We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” Angela insists. “So, you already should know you’re gonna give us your egg, and tote it, or both.”

The host, Shaun Robinson, asks Angela at one point if she thinks Michael married her to have a child born in the United States, paving the way for American citizenship. “It does make me wonder because who pushes that hard?” Angela questions. “You push harder with this situation than you do in sex.”

Michael says they have “options,” and he actually gets up and walks out when things get too heated, but he does eventually return.

Angela says she’s starting to ‘rethink’ things

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But things really take a turn for the worst when Michael’s Aunt Lydia gets on the call. Angela mentions that she’s starting to “rethink” things. “I’m starting to rethink, because it’s more like it’s for Michael and not for us,” Angela explains. “You know, even if Skyla would give us her egg, I don’t think Michael understands how much money… Like hundreds of thousands of dollars for IVF.”

Angela also goes on to mention that they didn’t get together to have children. She asks Michael how they will have time to “do things” if they are “wrapped up in going to these IVF clinics, going to these surrogates?”

Shaun asks Lydia if she thinks the couple should get divorced, and she says, “Not if Angela can allow him to get a child from another woman.”

Michael chimes in and says, “Yeah, that’s what I am saying. We would get a child the other way.”

This really upsets Angela, who bangs on the computer with her hands, making the screen shift backward. Things continue to heat up between Angela and Michael, as well as between Angela and Lydia on the Tell All. At one point, Angela ends up walking out of the room away from the computer as well.

Fans react to Angela clashing with Michael over having a child

Reddit is going off with everything that came to the surface during the Tell All, especially when it comes to Angela and Michael’s revealing fight.

One Reddit user says Angela is “dreaming up a scenario” when it comes to a hypothetical surrogate. “Angela explaining why she doesn’t want a surrogate– dreaming up a scenario where the surrogate lives with them, walks around in a nightgown, and Michael gets a b**** is f****** bonkers …” they said.

Another fan was confused by the whole conversation related to having a surrogate. “… I was so confused when she was going off about this. Does she know how surrogacy works? …” They wondered.

A Reddit user wants to know why the couple doesn’t just adopt a child. “Why don’t Angela and Michael adopt?” someone asked. “I know that they both want the child to be biologically linked to them, and if they won’t accept a situation with a donor, then swallow your pride and adopt a child. It’s equally as linked to either of you.”

A fan says that Michael can have a child of “his own bloodline” without actually sleeping with anyone else. “He can have his own child of his own bloodline without banging someone else,” they said. “It just won’t be Angela’s. If I was Skyla, I’d be saying hell to the no, no, no too.”

One fan thinks the Tell All wouldn’t be “complete” without Angela “yelling” and walking off. “A Tell All wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have Angela yelling and storming off,” they said. “First, she and Michael need to lay off on Skyla about her egg and being their surrogate donor. No means no …”

Another fan wonders if anyone has filled Angela in that Michael doesn’t have to have intercourse with someone to have a child through a surrogate. “I’m just wondering if anyone told Angela that he doesn’t actually have sex with someone to have a child through a surrogate, and if they haven’t, someone please fill her in Lmao,” they wrote.

Angela and Michael brought the drama during the Tell All, and fans certainly noticed.