’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Colt Johnson Coming Clean to His Mom About His Girlfriend

This week on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Colt Johnson finally comes clean to his mother about his girlfriend, Jess Caroline. Read on to learn how it all went down and what fans are saying about the unique conversation between mother and son.

Colt Johnson talks to his mother and reveals he has a girlfriend

Colt Johnson
Colt Johnson | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Colt sits down with his mom for a chat. He recently got back from visiting his girlfriend, Jess Caroline. He didn’t tell his mother Debbie about any of it because “she’s Brazilian. I didn’t want her to think that Jess is just Larissa part 2,” Colt says.

Colt admits his mother is his best friend, and he decides to tell her the truth about his girlfriend. He’s also going to Brazil to visit with her family in a week. He tells his mom that he’s dating someone. Colt asks if she’s mad at him, and she says she isn’t.

Colt reveals that Jess is from Brazil

“I figured if something was happening you would eventually tell me,” Debbie says. Colt says it’s because Jess is Brazilian. Colt didn’t want her to think it was just another Larissa in the mix. Debbie says she wouldn’t judge someone based on where they are from. Colt explains that Jess is here on a visa and she only has six months left on it.

Debbie asks what Jess is looking for with Colt. Colt says he doesn’t know what her intentions are, although they have talked about the future a little. When the discussion comes up about what happens if Jess moves back to Brazil, Debbie says “over my dead body you’ll live in Brazil.”

Debbie tells the cameras: “It’s baffling. I don’t understand why Jess is interested in Colt so far away across the country. I don’t understand why Colt is interested in a girl way across the country. When Colt’s in love, he doesn’t really think ahead.”

Colt reveals that he’s going to go with Jess to Brazil to see her family. Debbie doesn’t want Colt to “come home with a bride.” In another conversation, Debbie chooses to go with Colt to Brazil, so that will be interesting to say the least.

Fans react to Colt Johnson coming clean to his mom about his girlfriend

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Fans of the series have a lot of thoughts about this conversation between Colt and his mother about his new girlfriend. Apparently, Debbie will be accompanying him to Brazil, which is kind of surprising for some fans of the series.

“Why is Colt taking his mother to Brazil? Jess is possibly seeing the problem in Colt’s marriage to Larissa…he involved his mother too much,” a Twitter user said.

One fan noticed how “uncomfortable” Debbie got when Colt admits he’s dating. “I hate how uncomfortable and disappointed Debbie looks when Colt says he’s dating someone,” another Twitter user wrote.

A fan thinks Colt should “drop his mother” if he wants the relationship to work. “Colt needs to drop his mother, he will never have a sustaining relationship with another woman while having this co-dependent relationship with his mother,” said a fan on Twitter.

Another fan thinks he’s using his mom as a “crutch.” “I think Colt pulls his mom into things… and his mom puts up with too much… I wonder how Colt’s life would change if he didn’t have his mother as a crutch,” a fan said on Twitter.

Fans don’t understand why Debbie is coming to Brazil too. “Who told Colt it was OK for his mom to come with him to Brazil? He’s 34??????? Am I missing something?” a fan asked on Twitter.

Fans can’t stop talking about Colt and his mother’s conversation about him dating Jess. It leads to her coming to Brazil with him, which should be more than eventful.