’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Debbie Being the Third Wheel With Her Son, Colt Johnson, and His New Girlfriend, Jess Caroline in Brazil

This week on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Colt Johnson and his mother, Debbie, head off to Brazil to see Colt’s new girlfriend, Jess Caroline. This is Debbie’s first-time meeting Jess, and it’s an eventful start to the trip. Read on to learn what fans have to say about Debbie third-wheeling it with her son and his girlfriend.

Colt Johnson and his mother, Debbie, head off to Brazil to see Jess

Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie
Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie | savagecoltj via Instagram

Jess is from Brazil, and Colt gets invited to see her and meet her family there. However, Colt’s mother Debbie is coming along too, because who doesn’t want their mother around for a vacation? Literally the first moment Debbie and Jess meet is so awkward.

Colt and Jess embrace and it’s clear they have affection for one another. Debbie stands there awkwardly waiting to be introduced. When the moment does come, it’s strange and there is clearly some tension from the start.

Debbie tells the cameras that her first impression is that Jess seems like a pretty girl. When the three of them speak to the cameras together, Jess says she is happy Debbie is there, but she needs some alone time with Colt “for sex.” She says this in front of Debbie, but luckily it doesn’t appear she heard it, or she pretends not to.

In the van ride to the hotel, Colt and Jess are all over each other, and Debbie is clearly weirded out about seeing her son making out with Jess. “You’re kidding, right?” Debbie asks her son. It’s obvious Debbie isn’t feeling well and she says she really needs to go lay down.

Fans react to Debbie being the third wheel with her son, Colt Johnson, and his new girlfriend, Jess Caroline in Brazil

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Fans have a lot of feelings about the awkward start of the trip to Brazil. One fan finds it “disrespectful” for Jess and Colt to be kissing like that in front of Debbie.

“I found Jess kissing Colt in the car right off the bat and stating she wanted sex with him in front of Debbie very disrespectful,” a Twitter user wrote about the situation.

One fan is “disturbed” that Debbie would choose to accompany her son on a trip with his new girlfriend. “I’m still disturbed that Mother Debbie went to Brazil with her grown son for his bang trip, but let’s get into it… let’s go there,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

‘Jess, girl, leave her alone’

One fan seems to understand why Debbie is frustrated, and it only gets worse when she gets back to the hotel room with adjoining rooms right next to each other. She wants to go to sleep and rest, but Jess tries to speak with her first.

“To be fair Jess, you did say you wanted to have sex with Colt right in front of Debbie, you were making out with Colt in front her, and you were nagging her about her wanting to go to sleep,” a Twitter user said.

Another fan thinks Jess should leave Debbie alone and let her sleep. “Ok I’m no Debbie fan, but Jess, girl, leave her alone,” a Twitter user wrote.

A fan is hoping Debbie won’t have a “heart attack” if she walks in on the two of them. “I hope to God that Debbie doesn’t have a heart attack when she walks in on Colt and Jess having sex,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest when it comes to Colt’s trip to Brazil with his mother, Debbie, to visit his girlfriend, Jess Caroline.