’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s New Dating Profile

90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is back on the dating scene after dumping her now-ex-boyfriend, Eric Nichols, on Instagram. Lima has recently hinted that she may have found someone special to be with, and her dating profile has also been spotted in the wild. 

Instagrammer John Yates posted a screenshot of the dating profile, and fans seem to either love it or hate it

Lima breaks up with Eric Nichols 

90 Day Fiancé fans and Eric Nichols himself were surprised when Larissa Dos Santos Lima decided to end things between the two of them. In fact, Nichols claims that he didn’t find out they’d broken up until his mother called him to inform him. How did his mother find out? From Lima’s Instagram. 

In a note about her breakup, Lima wrote, ““There is no hard feelings or regrettees [sic], but I need to look in my own soul and focus on being the best Larissa I can be. I try to heal one painful breakup by jumping in relationship with Erickee [sic] but I know now I need to work on me and focus on my healing of my scars.”

Lima continued, “I not sure what will come of the future but I am excited for it. I look forward to this time in my life as a reflection on my own personal dreamees [sic] and goals I set to do. Thank you for all your love, strength and support to me always.”

Now, Lima is claiming that Eric Nichols has been harassing her since the breakup. Lima told InTouch, “Unfortunately, it is true that I had to file a police report against Eric. The day after the breakup, I began receiving calls and messages from Eric and women in regards to Eric. Only a handful of people, such as family, business contacts, and personal friends knew this number. Eric knew it as well.”

Lima’s dating profile 

Instagrammer John Yates recently shared a screenshot of a dating profile for Larissa Dos Santos Lima, and it seems he found the bio amusing. He captioned it, “I’m really digging Larissa’s new dating profile.”

The profile reads, “I am a shy, funny girl, that enjoys the simply things in life. Looking for a Vegas local and 100% monogamous. Must have goals for your future that do not require my money. While I am independent, I do not want to pay for our date or split the bill. Good personal hygiene is a must, 100% heterosexual.”

Some fans believe her dating profile may be a dig at her exes, with remarks about money directed at Eric Nichols, and personal hygiene at Colt Johnson. 

Fans react to Lima’s profile

Instagram users have had mixed reactions to the 90 Day Fiancé star’s profile. One user said that it seems as if she did her healing rather quickly.

“I thought she wanted to heal her ‘broken heart.’ I guess her broken heart heals very fast,” they wrote.

Another user said lauded Larissa Dos Santos Lima for her upfront attitude. “She the best!! I just love her and her brutal honesty,” they wrote.

One user suggested that she might be a little desperate, writing, “She’s desperate af! Doesn’t know how to be alone…from Colt, to Eric, tried to get with Corey…smh….”