’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro’s Argument in Front of Syngin’s Friends

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro have had an eventful start to their trip to South Africa. After getting into an explosive argument in front of Syngin’s immediate family, it’s clear they have some issues that they need to work out.

This week, the couple meets up with Syngin’s good friends, Andrew and James, and they start fighting in front of them as well. Read on to learn what fans are saying about the whole thing.

Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro meet up with Andrew and James

Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro
Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro | syngin_colchester via Instagram

Syngin and Tania meet up with Andrew and James at a local bar, and Syngin orders a round of Jägerbombs for the table. Things seem to be awkward from the start though.

Andrew mentions that he’s “shocked” to see Tania. “I am shocked to see you. I must admit, when I first met you, I thought to myself, ‘This is not going to work out.’ When you split to America, I even told James, ‘All right. Well that was a crazy story,’” Andrew says. “I didn’t expect the return flight.”

When James asks how the dinner was with Syngin’s family, Tania admits that she “got very worked up.” “OK so, I’ll be real,” Tania explains. “I got very worked up because nothing’s been stable yet.”

Tania mentions there were a lot of “flags” in the past. “Ya, but also, so many flags back then,” Tania tells Andrew and James. “Like all these flags that come up now, I’m thinking like, ‘Why did I even stay?’ But it was not a big deal at the time.”

“These changes are f****** crazy for me. I have not been this committed to anything in my life besides committed to you,” Syngin tells his wife.

Tania says they’ve been together for almost two and a half years, but Syngin says they were on vacation and physically not together for eight months.

Syngin replies that it feels like Tania is “attacking” him. Tania explains that she isn’t, but he knows what she is “looking for” and what she needs. “I’m tired of feeling like I’m trying to change you or something, because I’m not,” she explains.

“You admit to being a total control freak, right?” James asks Tania, who says that isn’t the case, but she needs “some structure.”

The whole thing is more than awkward to witness, and it’s unclear where things stand.

Fans react to Syngin and Tania’s fight in front of Syngin’s friends

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Fans on Reddit have more than their fair share of opinions when it comes to Tania and Syngin’s latest fight in front of Syngin’s friends.

A fan thinks that Syngin and Tania are arguing about “abstract” issues. “Syngin and Tania keep arguing about very abstract big issues,” says a fan on Reddit.

Numerous fans are confused about what the couple is even arguing about sometimes. “Half the time I can’t even figure out what they are arguing about,” a fan weighed in.

Another fan tends to agree. “I don’t understand what Tania and Syngin fight about. They are shouting about responsibility, commitment, etc. but none of it makes any sense,” the fan said.

One fan seems to understand Tania’s position. “I don’t think Tania wanting stability is a bad thing…” they said.

Another fan calls the whole “airing” of the couple’s “dirty laundry” just “bizarre.” “The amount of airing their relationship’s dirty laundry in front of his family and friends is bizarre,” they explained.

Other fans agree, and find the arguing in front of Syngin’s family and friends “embarrassing.” “Fighting and yelling in front of his family and friends is so embarrassing,” a fan wrote.

One fan said they could “barely watch” the fighting. “The scene with his friends was so embarrassing. I could barely watch,” they said.

Hopefully, Syngin and Tania can get to a better place together, and make it through this difficult time in their relationship.