’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans Weigh in on 1 of the Most ‘Iconic’ Couples in the History of the Series

In the history of the series 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoffs, there have been a few couples who fans continue to talk about to this day. One couple in particular comes to mind for many fans, and that’s Danielle and Mohamed Jbali. Mohamed came from Tunisia to live with Danielle, and what transpires between them makes for great television.

Fans are first introduced to them in the second season of 90 Day Fiancé. They also made an even more memorable appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. They’ve become an iconic couple from the series, and fans love to reminisce about the good old days when the couple was still together.

Danielle and Mohamed Jbali’s memorable relationship

Danielle Jbali
Danielle Jbali | daniellejbali via Instagram

The couple met online, and they eventually got married. However, there was a lot of drama from the start, and it didn’t seem to end after they broke up. Danielle was even on a quest to have her ex deported at one point.

The couple has given us some entertaining fights, including one where Danielle throws a binder full of papers at Mohamed and tells him that he’s a “user.” She travels to Miami from Ohio to see Mohamed to confront him, but things escalate, and Mohamed ends up calling the cops on Danielle.

Mohamed jbali
Mohamed jbali | Instagram via mohamedjbaliusa

Danielle planned to show him evidence that she says she has of him talking to other women, as well as images and receipts of money he’s gotten. “You’re a user Mohamed,” Danielle tells him outside where he’s been staying. “You used me. You told me what I wanted to hear to get me to pull that f****** annulment. I am going to guarantee I will get your f****** a** deported because you’re a f****** user.”

The couple eventually divorced after all the drama, which isn’t that hard to believe. However, many fans still consider them the golden couple of the series and its spinoffs.

Fans weigh in on 1 of the most ‘iconic’ couples in the history of the series

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Fans still discuss the couple even after their divorce to this day. In a recent thread on Reddit, someone posted an image of the two when they were together. “Appreciation post for the iconic love story that made this show into what it is,” a Reddit user titled the post.

One fan says that Danielle and Mohamed are their “favorite couple,” and many fans seem to agree with that statement. “My favorite couple,” they said.

Another fan admits that this is the couple that got them “hooked” on the series. “This is the couple that got me hooked on 90 Days! (Like a lot of people Lol.) If someone who has never watched asks where they should start, I say start with Danielle and Mohamed. You’ll be hooked,” a fan wrote.

A Reddit user feels the same way, and says that Danielle and Mohamed are why they started watching. “They are the reason I started watching too. Bless their hearts,” a fan said about the couple.

Another Reddit user has a great comparison to Danielle and Mohamed over the other couples who have appeared on the series before. “No doubt…. These two are on the Mount Rushmore of 90 Day Fiancé couples,” they said.

Danielle seems to have her own followers as well. A Reddit user commented saying Danielle is the “queen” of the series. “Danielle is the 90 Day Fiancé queen. Anyone who says otherwise is mistaken,” they hilariously said.

The couple kept viewers thoroughly entertained, that’s for sure. “Every time this couple came on, it was time to grab the popcorn,” said a fan.

A fan says they are their “favorite couple.” “Will forever be my favorite couple, honestly,” they reveal.

“Their love story hit me like a binder,” another fan joked.

Even to this day, fans still reminisce about the relationship between Danielle and Mohamed Jbali. They gave us some pretty great moments over the years, and fans still love them.