’90 Day Fiance’: How Bad Is the Show Making Americans Look?

90 Day Fiance has become a cult favorite over the years, garnering numerous spin-offs. The show follows Americans as they meet their lovers from other countries and apply for visas to bring them back to the United States. Every season, some viewers claim that certain cast members are really just in the relationships to get visas and come to America, and while that may be true, the longer the show goes on, the more its the Americans on the show that come out looking bad.

Big Ed 90 Day Fiance
’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ star Big Ed | Instagram @thisisbiged

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The Americans come off culturally insensitive

On 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and The Other Way, the Americans go over to their partner’s home countries. Of course, visiting a new country is going to cause a little bit of a culture shock, but some of the Americans on the show come across downright insensitive about their partner’s surroundings.

Big Ed Brown on this season of Before the 90 Days didn’t even attempt to hide his disgust at his girlfriend Rose Vega’s housing situation.

“It’s all open up above, and they don’t really have a front door, it’s just kind of a curtain of paper CD covers,” he told the cameras after walking into Vega’s home. “It’s all concrete with sheets hanging, covering, I guess to make it more homey. I expected it to be pretty bad, but this is really bad.”

And when he later recounted the experience, he made it sound even worse.

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“Oh my god,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight of his first night in Vega’s home. “The conditions were unanticipated. I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience, but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. There was, like, a monsoon and the electricity went out, and it pretty much rained on me, like, ‘drip drip,’ all night long.”

“When I woke up in the morning, it looked like a thousand bullet holes were in the ceiling because the light was shining through, so that was my experience,” he continued. “I wake up, and I’m already miserable and then I’m like, ‘I need to go take a bath.’

Even though Brown knew of Vega’s financial situation, he still tried to hold her to his own beauty standards, asking her to shave her legs and gifting her with mouthwash because he claimed her breath stank.

Racism and homophobia

Babygirl Lisa Hamme has also gotten a lot of flack for the way she treated her Nigerian lover Usman Umar throughout this season of Before the 90 Days. In fact, leaked footage from the upcoming “Tell-All” revealed that she even called him the N-word. She’s also been caught using homophobic language on Instagram.

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The show leaves nothing out

Executive producer Matt Sharp is well aware of how the cast comes off on the show, but he says that they wanted to show the cast’s stories as authentically as possible.

“We always wanted this to be a super-authentic, warts and all, look at love in this amazing world, very raw, the producers we brought in…a lot of them came from the Teen Mom world,” he said on the Reality Life podcast. “There’s an authenticity to that show, too.”