’90 Day Fiancé’: How Does Skyla Respond When Michael Asks for an Egg?

Angela Deem and Michal Ilesanmi have been fan favorites since their first appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. In season 3 of the series, Michael asks Skyla over video chat for an egg so that Michael and Angela can have a baby. But how does Skyla respond?

Michael Ilesanmi asks for an egg from Skyla

Michael Ilesanmi on '90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After'
Michael Ilesanmi on ’90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After’ | TLC/YouTube

On Angela’s second trip to Nigeria, she decides to call her daughter, Skyla, and discuss the possibility of getting an egg from her. Skyla has already been adamant about not giving up an egg for the cause. Could Michael be the missing piece to changing Skyla’s mind about the whole thing?

Angela recently was told that she only has one egg when she went to a fertility clinic over in Nigeria. She is worried the egg won’t be viable, so she’s resorting to asking her daughter yet again for an egg. Angela actually learns later on that she has no eggs left when she goes to a doctor in the United States, and that there could be complications in terms of her carrying a baby.

“It’s really important for this baby to come from my bloodline, so there’s only one option left to do,” Angela reveals. “Ask my daughter Skyla for her eggs. But I asked her already and she told me ‘Hell no.’”

Angela gets out her laptop to video chat with her daughter, and she is quickly joined by Michael. They tell Skyla about their time at the fertility clinic, and Angela tells her daughter that she has an egg left, but it might not be viable. However, Angela says her “uterus is beautiful,” and she’s going to carry the baby.

“So, I’m going to tote my baby with his sperm and what, Michael you want to talk to Skyla about…” Angela tries to get Michael involved in this next bit.

“I want to request for something,” Michael says to Skyla. “I don’t know if you grant it.”

Skyla asks what the “request” is regarding, and Michael asks, “Can you give us your egg?”

“Michael, you cannot have an egg of mine,” Skyla bluntly tells him. “And you shouldn’t be trying to get Mama to do this anyways if you cared about her health. That’s a dangerous procedure.” She goes on to mention “complications,” but Angela insists the child needs to come from her “bloodline.”

‘You don’t need no baby’

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Skyla doesn’t seem to think the couple needs to have a child when she says, “You don’t need no baby.” She also adds, “Michael, you don’t need no baby.”

Angela insists that they’re going to have a child. Michael says a baby is “important” for him to “carry on” his name. But Skyla is clear that it won’t be happening with one of her eggs.

Angela says that she’ll pay her daughter for it, but that doesn’t change Skyla’s mind in the least. “You could have a million dollars, I’m not giving you my eggs,” she explains.

Skyla goes on to explain that it’s her egg, which means it’s her “child.”

However, this conversation is far from over. As recently as the Tell All for season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, the situation is getting brought up. Even Michael’s Aunt Lydia gets involved and asks Skyla for her assistance in the matter. But Skyla has remained firm from the very first time Angela broached the subject with her. It doesn’t matter who is asking, the answer will remain the same.

It’s unclear what this all means for Angela and Michael going forward. Will they be able to have an egg donated to the cause? Will they ever have a child? Only time will tell.