’90 Day Fiancé’: How Much of Tim Malcolm And Jeniffer Tarazona’s Story Was Faked?

90 Day Fiancé couple Tim Malcolm and Jeniffer Tarazona have had an interesting storyline on the show. Most notably, fans were confused by Malcolm’s desire to take it slow with Tarazona when it comes to intimacy. Additionally, Malcolm had to deal with frequent rumors about his sexuality, and the possibility that he’d get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Veronica. 

Now, fans might have some reason to believe that a portion of Malcolm and Tarazona’s story was faked or embellished by TLC for the show. 

Why did Tim Malcolm take it slow?

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé have criticized Tim Malcolm for taking his physical relationship with Jeniffer Tarazona slowly. Malcolm and Tarazona took a while to share their first kiss on air and were not physically intimate. 

Some fans suspected that Tim Malcolm might be gay as a result of his behavior. Malcolm, however, has a different and very valid reason for taking it slow. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Malcolm said, “It’s an invigorating day, as a man, when you wake up, and you’re no longer controlled by your penis. And that wasn’t my agenda.”

He went on to add, “I’m almost 40 years old. I want to be in love. I know sex is an important part of love, but it’s not everything like it used to be. My biggest goal was just building a foundation that I thought would be able to last because I don’t want to be divorced. I’ve waited this long to get married. I’ve never been married.”

“I think that’s just strange that society just thinks if a man says no then he’s gay. If a woman says no, it’s fine. But it’s like the double standard that society has. I kind of laugh about it. I do have some feminine traits. The gay thing was kind of out of left field for me,” explained Malcolm.

Would he get back with his ex, Veronica?

Many fans suspected that Tim Malcolm might still be hung up on his ex-girlfriend, Veronica. Malcolm and Veronica still maintain a close, friendly relationship. They chat often, check up on one another, and Malcolm helps Veronica raise her daughter. 

However, according to Malcolm, the two just are not meant to be together romantically. Tim Malcolm explained to Us Weekly, “A lot of people will comment that they hope Veronica and I get back together, and I always say the same thing — that ship has sailed!”

“Romantically we’re not a good fit, but we’re great friends and we are good parents to [daughter] Chloe. That’s as much as we can ask for,” he added.

Why do some fans think it was faked?

Now, some 90 Day Fiancé fans suspect that TLC might have pulled the wool over their eyes when it comes to Malcolm and Tarazona. Their relationship on the show is portrayed as the first time the two have ever met up in person. 

However, SoapDirt recently reported that there’s some evidence to the contrary. Apparently, Malcolm and Tarazona met online, and began chatting well before the show aired. Malcolm and Tarazona applied to 90 Day Fiancé but were rejected. 

Eventually, the two decided to meet up in Mexico, claims a source. Fraudedbytlc claims that when in Mexico, Tarazona and Malcolm both posted pictures to Instagram only a day apart. However, Malcolm claimed on this season that his appearance on the show was also the first time he and Tarazona had met in person. 

Apparently the two didn’t click well on their trip to Mexico, but TLC eventually got back to Malcolm and decided to run their story on the show regardless. SoapDirt has also suggested that Veronica giving Malcolm their old ring was scripted. Apparently, the ring actually came from Malcolm’s proposal to his other ex-girlfriend, Paola.