’90 Day Fiance’: Is Darcey Silva Moving to L.A. to Film a New Show?

Is Darcey Silva in love with the feeling of being in love or is she just addicted to being on tv? The reality star has already been on three seasons of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with two different men. She even filmed a follow up special, Darcey’s Continuing Journey.

Darcey Silva
Darcey Silva | TLC

And now that Silva has announced that she is officially moving to L.A., the land of tv and film, fans have been wondering if we will be seeing her on yet another television show.

Darcey Silva’s failed relationships on ’90 Day Fiance’

Silva first appeared on 90 Day Fiance with Dutch fitness model Jesse Meester. The two dated for two seasons of the show before having an explosive breakup and deciding to go their separate ways.

After that relationship ended, Silva decided to really give another online romance a shot. She and Tom Brooks had been talking on-and-off for four years, so the obvious next step was to meet in person. Unfortunately, when they did meet, they were never on the same page. Silva wanted to get married and Brooks seemed content keeping the relationship pretty casual.

Silva ended the season sans engagement ring despite being very clear that that was what she wanted.

Just before the season finale, she even seemed to admit that she and Brooks were already separated.

“You know what, it’s to be determined, you guys are gonna have to wait and see,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “But on that journey of love, I take risks and I am so proud of it. I will always follow my heart and, you know what, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the energy that I bring to relationships and opening my heart. It’s a positive thing in my end, so, we’ll see what happens.”

“Tom’s gonna like, say maybe a little bit of what he wants to say, but you know what, in the end I have a real heart,” she said. “I want love just like everybody else. And you know what, when you know somebody for that amount of time, and you go on that journey for love, you know, I’m deserving of it. And I’m not here to be made for a fool, so we’ll see what happens.”

Is Darcey Silva going to be on another television show?

Since Silva has yet to find the one, she could potentially keep searching on 90 Day Fiance. Fans have certainly been speculating whether or not the hopeless romantic will be on next season.

According to TV Season and Spoilers, Silva may even have a new man as Reddit user Meeamii posted that Silva was out at a bar in Williamsburg with a mystery guy.

Whether that new man is moving to L.A. with her or not has not been disclosed but Silva is definitely heading to the city of angels.

“Darcey and Stacey are indeed moving to Los Angeles and Darcey’s bringing the girls,” a source told In Touch. “She will set things up and make sure everything’s ready while her daughters finish out their school year in Connecticut until summer when they’ll all make the official move on the West Coast.”

Hopefully, someone will offer Silva the opportunity to continue documenting her journey for love on television in L.A.