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The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all is in full swing, and that means fans are learning all sorts of new things about their favorite couples. Laura Jallali has been making a big splash this season, and has become somewhat infamous after how she’s behaved since her relationship with Aladin Jallali ended. 

Now, it’s come to light that Jallali is struggling financially, and seems to be living in Ecuador for the time being.

Laura Jallali says she’s out of money

During the 90 Day Fiancé tell-all episode, Laura Jallali and Aladin Jallali had a big fight via video chat. The couple argued about a wide variety of topics, ranging from Aladin being controlling, to Laura not respecting him. 

However, one portion of the argument that really stood out was Aladin Jallali discussing Laura’s ability to pay rent, and the amount of money he spent on her. 

“Do you have an issue that I no longer can pay our rent?” asked Laura Jallali. 

Aladin replied, “Yeah, I pay the rent. Do you pay the rent?”

“Yes, I have paid the rent!” replied Laura, a somewhat confusing response since she just claimed she can’t pay rent any longer. “Don’t you dare lie and say I don’t pay the rent!” continued Jallali. 

“I pay two months, and you pay two months, okay? … I spend all my money for you. You know what. So calm down, calm down and don’t talk about this subject,” replied Aladin.

Laura Jallali then added, “I have run out of money. And I have told him that I’m not going to be able to pay for the rent anymore. My pension has been cut.”

Spotted in Ecuador

Laura Jallali was spotted partying in Ecuador with fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Evelin Villegas. It seems the two of them are working on dealing with their feelings after ending their relationships. They claimed they are “together mending their broken hearts.”

Laura Jallali’s ex, Andre Leila, claims that Laura Jallali is in Ecuador because she was deported from the Untied States. Leila wrote on Facebook, “She worked illegally in Florida and got preggo 22 years ago with Liam, that’s how Liam is in Florida cause he was born there. She is Canadian she just got deported from the States when she just left to be with [Aladin].”

Laura Jallali still seems to be in Ecuador, and it’s not clear how long she intends to stay. Fans have been wondering if she means to try and make Ecuador a new home, or if she will eventually return to her home country of Canada.

Making claims about Aladin Jallali’s sexuality

Laura Jallali has also received flak recently for making claims about Aladin Jallali’s sexuality. Instagrammer John Yates posted a screenshot of a chat between Jallali and another person. In the chat, the 90 Day Fiancé star suggests that Aladin Jallali is gay. 

Jallali wrote, “You know I am sure Aladin likes men better. And I was a good cover-up for him. For his family. To show he wasn’t gay. But now when I connect all the dots…he likes men much better.”