’90 Day Fiancé’: Jay Smith Claims Ashley Martson Tried to Cheat On Him

It hasn’t been an easy time for 90 Day Fiancé stars Jay Smith and Ashley Martson. The duo are still going through a bitter divorce after a cheating scandal that still seems to haunt Martson to this day — she claimed to be so distraught over everything Smith did to her during their marriage that she had to seek a wellness retreat. 

Meanwhile, Jay Smith has his own story. Now that he’s out of ICE detention, he’s claiming that Ashley Martson tried to cheat as well. Additionally, Smith’s sister has been making inflammatory claims about Ashley, suggesting that she cheated on Smith with a sugar daddy while they were married, and that she set up the infidelity scandal that led to their divorce. 

The barbershop scandal 

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson were married in Las Vegas, where their honeymoon period was short-lived. Not long after their 90 Day Fiancé nuptials, Martson caught Smith on Tinder, chatting with other women. She was understandably angry and filed for divorce. However, she took it back shortly after, and the two stayed together. 

Later, Martson discovered Smith had cheated on her — and that he had done so in the bathroom of a barbershop where he’d been working. Martson wound up on the phone with the other woman and discovered that she didn’t know Smith was married at the time. 

During the call, the woman told Martson that she’d met Smith at a 2018 cookout. She said she then went to get a tattoo from Smith, and that’s where things got intense “I had come into the barbershop and getting ready to start the tattoo, and he kinda was like touching me, kind of caressing me and then one thing kind of just lead to another. We went into the bathroom and had sex,” she said

“She was not thrilled they showed her photo on the show and I couldn’t agree more. She didn’t know he was married. She was innocent in the situation,” said Martson.

Smith’s sister claims setup

Now, Jay Smith’s sister is claiming that he was set up by Ashley Martson. Smith’s sister, who goes by Poochie, says that Martson called her after the scandal went down. 

Poochie claims that, “[Ashley] called me right after telling me that the show set it up. And Jay was so f****** horny and stupid and fell right in the trap!” 

Poochie made other inflammatory comments about Martson writing on her Instagram story, “…[S]he wanted some big black D and she wanted to stay on the show and she couldn’t without him,”

Poochie also claimed the 90 Day Fiancé star had a sugar daddy during her marriage to Smith. She wrote, “How could my brother be happy when he found out that you’ve been going to DELAWARE every Tuesday to f*** some old man for $1,000.” 

Smith says Martson tried to cheat 

Now, Jay Smith is claiming that Ashley Martson tried to cheat as well. During the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell all finale, Smith was confronted with his two barbershop coworkers, and neither party seemed thrilled to see the other. 

Smith began to claim that one of the friends, Michael, tried to “hook up with [his] girl.” He claimed Martson had shown him text messages Michael had sent her in the past. Michael and Martson were stunned and denied the allegations. 

“We never had something going on,” said Martson. 

Michael told Smith, “Jay, stop talking like you’re tough, man.” After, Smith left the set. 

Whether or not Martson cheated on Smith, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. And it doesn’t exactly exonerate Smith’s behavior in any way.