’90 Day Fiancé’: Jay Smith’s Sister Says Barbershop Cheating Scandal Was a Set-Up

Ashley Martson of 90 Day Fiancé has been in the center of plenty of drama lately. After her ex-husband Jay Smith was caught cheating, Martson filed for divorce. Since then Martson has entered a wellness retreat to deal with depression, and has allegedly had to deal with Jay Smith continuing to bother her post-divorce — she claims he was begging her to reconsider. Now, Jay Smith is being detained by ICE and facing possible deportation after turning himself in. 

However, in an interesting turn of events, Jay Smith’s sister has come forward to claim that the entire cheating scandal was a fabrication set up by Martson. 

Jay Smith faces deportation

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The 90 Day Fiancé star is currently being held at the York County Prison in Pennsylvania after turning himself in. Smith discovered he had a warrant out for his arrest following a violation of a Protection From Abuse order filed by Ashley Martson. Previously, Martson told Celebuzz, “Jay and I have a PFA hearing next Wednesday…and then he’ll go back to York Country Prison until he is seen by an immigration judge.” 

However, the PFA hearing has since been rescheduled for July 17. Meanwhile, it remains unclear what the future of Jay Smith’s residential status will be. 

Martson also said, “This is a very sad situation overall…I’m not popping champagne bottles celebrating today. It’s hard to sit here and think about how he’s sitting in a jail cell right now, but I also have to remember everything he put me through the past year.”

The barbershop cheating scandal 

The crap hit the fan in this 90 Day Fiancé marriage when Ashley Martson discovered Jay Smith had allegedly cheated on her at a barbershop. In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Martson received a phone call from the supposed other woman. 

The woman in question began the call by saying, “I just wanted to call you and to basically kind of face this, apologize.” She went on to add, “I had no idea that you and him were together. Obviously, if I had known, I wouldn’t have done what went down. So I just wanted to let you know the truth.”

The woman claimed to have met Jay Smith at a cookout in 2018. According to her, everything went down when she met Smith at a barbershop. “I had come into the barbershop and getting ready to start the tattoo, and he kinda was like touching me, kind of caressing me and then one thing kind of just lead to another. We went into the bathroom and had sex,” explained the woman. 

Jay Smith’s sister speaks out

Now, the detained 90 Day Fiancé star’s sister is speaking out in his defense, claiming that the entire situation was actually a set-up orchestrated by Ashley Martson, among other things. Jay Smith’s sister, who goes by Poochie, claims that Martson called her to tell her the situation was a set-up. 

In recent Instagram posts, Poochie wrote, “[Ashley] called me right after telling me that the show set it up. And Jay was so f****** horny and stupid and fell right in the trap!” Poochie also claims that Martson didn’t care about the act itself. She only cared that they “got their $500.”

Poochie went on to make other inflammatory statements, adding that Martson only wanted Smith for sex and fame. “…[S]he wanted some big black D and she wanted to stay on the show and she couldn’t without him,” wrote Poochie.