’90 Day Fiancé’: Jeniffer Tarazona Dishes On Tim Malcolm’s Bedroom Habits, Claims She’s Single

90 Day Fiancé star Tim Malcolm’s relationship with Jeniffer Tarazona has been the center of a lot of attention. For a long time, fans speculated that Tim Malcolm was gay or transgender — unnecessary speculation stemming from outdated ways of thinking. Malcolm has since responded to such statements, but some of the fans’ reasoning comes from the fact that Malcolm took his physical intimacy with Tarazona very slowly. 

Now, Tarazona is opening up about what their relationship in the bedroom was actually like from her perspective. 

Tarazona talks bedroom habits

90 Day Fiancé star Jeniffer Tarazona recently hosted an Instagram Q&A, in which she encouraged fans to ask her any questions they might have about her relationship or time on the show. Many fans have been wondering why the couple hasn’t had sex, or if there’s some sort of hangup happening around intimacy. 

One user asked, “How could he not have sex with such a beautiful woman?” 

Tarazona replied, “There was a lot of things that happened, we were tired, we was scared, I was angry some days too, he asked for things I would never allow coz is my body. So is not only what you see but much more [sic].”

Tarazona’s reply implies that Malcolm asked her for things that she felt uncomfortable with, or that she found inappropriate. While she hasn’t gone into greater detail about what those might be, her answer definitely left fans feeling curious. 

Another user asked, “What do you and Tim have in common? Do you know that you’re out of his league?”

Tarazona replied, “He already said that, and to be honest I was hoping to find something genuine, coz sometimes the looks are not enough, we had good talks.” 

Is Jennifer Tarazona single?

During the Q&A, a fan asked Jeniffer Tarazona if she’s single now, and the 90 Day Fiancé star’s answer certainly raised some eyebrows. Tarazona replied, “I’m not married or engaged, so yes you can say I’m single.” 

This is certainly a vague and broad answer, and it does leave a few different avenues open for speculation. While Tarazona may not be engaged or married, she didn’t exclude dating from the list. It could be that Tarazona is still dating Malcolm, but that she doesn’t consider them exclusive, or she doesn’t consider herself fully taken. 

On the other hand, it could be that Tarazona and Malcolm have ended their relationship. With the season coming to a close, hopefully Tarazona will be able to give more concrete answers soon. 

Would Tim Malcolm get together with his ex?

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiancé fans have been wondering if Tim Malcolm would consider getting back together with his ex, Veronica. The two have a close relationship as friends following their split, which is something Jeniffer Tarazona did not appreciate. 

Malcolm told Us Weekly, “A lot of people will comment that they hope Veronica and I get back together, and I always say the same thing — that ship has sailed!”

He added, “Romantically we’re not a good fit, but we’re great friends and we are good parents to [daughter] Chloe. That’s as much as we can ask for.”

Malcolm concluded, “If we got back together, I would be very surprised. Probably as surprised as everyone else. We were together for almost nine years. We gave it a good solid effort.”